Monday, August 25, 2014

Easter 2014

Warner and some of his 2nd grade class completed their first 5K on the weekend before Easter. We were so proud of him!

dyeing Easter eggs with the boys 

Easter fun at JoJo & Pops house

Rayner's first Easter!


5 months old!!

Spring Break

For Spring Break we headed to Dallas to visit Kissy & Buddy for the last time!! Buddy & Kissy are moving back to Mississippi!!! We had a great trip as always! The boys loved Legoland and the Arboretum, but their favorite things to do are riding bikes to the park and playing golf in the backyard!!

January & February

2 months old!

Trip to San Antonio, TX with daddy for Farm Bureau. Daddy was in meetings all day, but we had fun anyway. We loved the river walk, the mall, the children's museum, and just being together!

One hundredth day of school - Jackson dressed up like a 100 year old farmer!

3 months old!

My big babies!

Our little Valentine!

Farm & Gin Show

Four months old!

Christmas 2013