Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wh'are you???

While Warner is at school, I've been soaking up my time alone with Jackson. He is a little sponge - learning new things and saying new words everyday. His new favorite phrase, as of about 2 weeks ago, is "where are you?" or as he says, "Wh'are you?" He'll walk through the house looking for me while he's saying this over and over. Once he finds me, he'll put his arms up and say "momma, hold". Everything is "me' right now - "Me down, me outside." We've been practicing singing hapy birthday and blowing out his candles - can't believe he turns two on Saturday! Can't wait to celebrate this little boy with his family & friends. He is such a joy!! So glad God made him mine!

He's been reading books with daddy & WooWoo at night and trying to stay in Warner's bed to go night night. I'm just not ready for that!!

On another note, Kindergarten is hard work!! This is how we found Warner at the end of last week - asleep by our bed, covered up with my pillow. Bless him!

Friday, August 12, 2011

1st day(s)

Warner started Kindergarten this week...and it's been HARD! I have been so sad....mainly just because he is growing up. I miss him! It is just so quiet! The past two years he has gotten out of school at 11:30, so three hours away from home and then he was it's just been hard to get use to him being gone all day. Warner on the other hand - LOVES it! He was so excited about going to school on Wednesday for his tea party, and even more excited when I woke him up Thursday morning for his first full day of school. It's hard to be sad when he has been so happy and excited about Kindergarten!

This was Wednesday before we left for his tea party. Can you see the excitement on his face?

Wednesday afternoon I made him a little back to school cookie cake.

rise and shine - it's your first day of Kindergarten!

little brother jumped right on in the picture

ready to go with his school bag and lunch box!

This week has really made me realize how quickly time flies! It has made me appreciate even more the privilege of getting to stay home with my babies. It has made me want to squeeze Jackson even tighter and enjoy every second of my time at home with him. Before I know it, Jackson will be in school too :(

Thursday, August 4, 2011


The time has come!! A week from today I will send my baby off for his first day of kindergarten. He will be in school everyday until 3:00, and it is killing me. I'm so proud of him - proud that he's growing up, proud that he's so smart, proud of the little boy he is becoming....but I just can't let go! I want to go with him everyday, walk him inside, watch him learn, help him with his lunch, etc. I know he will love it..and eventually I'll be okay. I am so thankful for our school - makes it a little easier to send him when I know he loves it, is loved by his teachers, and Jesus is the center of everything they do. Warner, you are growing up right before my eyes. I love you so much and will be counting down the minutes until I can pick you up in the afternoons :) Go Warner! Go PDS! Go Kindergarten!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


23 months

I can't ever keep are growing too fast! You are 23 months old - one month away from becoming a 2 year old!! This past month you have changed SO much! Your vocabulary is taking off...seriously! You are becoming a little OCD about certain things - your blankets have to be out of your bed when you get out and go on the double bed in your room, you have to turn the light out when I put you to bed, you have to kiss everyone goodnight before you go to bed, you have to have your banana and fruit bar (nutrigain bar) every morning with your juice while sitting in daddy's chair watching Mickey Mouse, you have to take your shoes off the second you get in the car, you have to sit on a certain spot to put your shoes on. You are a silly little boy and you keep us laughing and on our toes. You can get to anything, no matter how far up we put it. You love to play hide and seek with daddy and Warner. You close your eyes so tight while daddy counts! You love to be chased, and you & Warner will play together in his room for hours (until someone gets hurt). You love to be outside. As soon as the word is mentioned you go get your shoes. You got stung by a wasp for the first time last week- it got you twice in the same arm. You are so tough! Your world is about to change as big brother goes back to school. Me and you both are going to have to adjust to this. The planning is underway for your 2nd birthday party. I still can't believe you are almost two. Time flies by! We are so proud of the little boy you are becoming and can't wait to see what this next month brings. We love you!