Wednesday, January 16, 2013


our life lately (November, December, January) in pictures from my phone...

Mississippi State/Texas A&M football game back in November - Warner and Jackson with our cousins Cole & Sydney - my boys adore these two!!

Jackson parked it on this bench downtown and said mommy take my picture!

Warner's first lost tooth - we had to send this picture to the grandparents, aunts & uncles!

trip to Colorado for Thanksgiving - lots of fun at the Air Force Academy - such a beautiful place!

My mom & I had a great lunch in Manitou Springs, CO while the others road to the top of Pikes Peak

crazy boy with his souvenir from the top of Pikes Peak

Jackson's first time at the dentist - no cavities!!

My favorite picture from Disney World!

Their favorite thing to eat in Disney World - cinnamon rolls!!

little bike riders

first time in a barber shop - Warner, Jackson, & Buddy all getting a hair cut

sweet friends - Warner & Jetta

Jackson & Elena

Our new favorite game - Spot It!!!

Pirates seemed to be the theme of Christmas 2012

On our way home from Texas after New Year's, we stopped in West Monroe, LA to see the headquarters of the tv show Duck Dynasty - such a fun experience - we actually saw Jace, Jep, and Korie from a distance

this requires a post all of its own...but Jackson started preschool this month and is LOVING it!

Warner lost tooth number 2 last week!

My sweet boys - the only time they are EVER still and quiet!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

fun weekend!!

The Barrett's came to visit!! I haven't talked much about it on the ole blog, but last fall (after a year on the market and a long sale) our house finally sold! We TEMPORARILY moved to the farm. We are living in a 2 bedroom house that is about half the square footage of our previous house. (Still don't know where we are going or when) So it was quite interesting having 10 people in this tiny house for the weekend!! It was also so much fun!!! The men & big boys tried to do some hunting, but the hunting has not been that great this year. They went duck hunting one morning and killed one duck. They went deer hunting the next morning, and it was too foggy to see anything! Despite the failure in hunting, we had a great time just being together - we ate at some new places in town, piled all 10 of us in Chris' truck and road around the farm, and of course the kids played & played!! We are so glad the Barrett's came to visit!

The crew - Joe, Hudson, Bronwynn, Warner, Jackson, & Betsy Gray

Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Year's in Dallas

We headed out of town late morning to Texas with Buddy & Kissy. We woke up to a light dusting of snow but didn't think much about where else the snow may have fallen. By the time we made it close to Little Rock we were beginning to see just how much snow had fallen. Some areas we drove through had gotten more than 6 inches and it was effecting lots of roads. There were cars all along the way that were sliding off the road in to ditches. On Interstate 40 between Brinkley and Little Rock an 18 wheeler was down in a ditch and they had the road blocked trying to get the truck out. Traffic was stopped for at least 5 miles. People were out of their cars having snow ball fights and building snowmen. It was crazy! Luckily we were on the other side, headed the opposite direction. We stopped to eat lunch in Bryant, AR and as we were approaching Chick-Fil-A the low tire pressure light came on in my car. We knew we needed to find some air after we ate, but when I came back to the car I could hear the air leaking out of the tire. Do you know how hard it is to to find a tire store open on the day after Christmas?!! Impossible! Three hours later my dad had the tire changed and we were back on the slippery roads!! We arrived at my parents house at 10:00 pm and we were so thankful to finally be there. It had been a long day!!

Buddy & Kissy surprised Warner with a new bike and Jackson got to take over Warner's old bike. So the next morning was spent bundled up riding bikes! It was so cold!

Later that afternoon we headed to North Park mall for a train exhibit. These people know what they are doing!

We made a trip to the park on one of the warmer days - thank you sunshine!

Warner had his first bike wreck, and I witnessed the whole thing. He went around a curve a little too fast and couldn't slow down. He missed the turn and flew over the handlebars, luckily he flipped onto grass and not the sidewalk (and so thankful for that helmet). It scared him (and me) to death!! My dad ran to him and he said he really didn't know what he would see when he got to him - so thankful he was fine with just a grass burned face!! I was so proud of Warner because he got right back on his bike and went back to conquer the sharp curve.

Headed to church and ready for daddy to arrive. Chris drove my parents car and met up with us on Sunday. Then we all drove home together later in the week.

We had lots more fun while we were there, but I took very few pictures. We met up with the Smith's for trampoline jumping one day, dinner one night, and the jump house place for another. Those four have fun together!. My dad cooked us some delicious ribs on New Year's Day. We watched a sad football game. Rode bikes a lot more. Played football in the backyard. Tried to get Kissy well (she got a horrible cold while we were there). And as usual ate way too much - the restaurant selection is too good to pass up!!
Thank you Buddy & Kissy for such a fun week!!
We headed home Wednesday and it was back to school on Thursday!!
Happy New Year!!

Christmas day!

SANTA CAME!! The boys got everything they wanted...and MORE!! We had a lazy morning with Buddy & Kissy and then JoJo & Pops stopped by to see what Santa brought and to have breakfast with us.
Santa brought new fishing poles, tackle box, new boots, a wall track, remote control helicopter, more Lego's, new gloves & socks, and too much candy!!

the aftermath

Pictures before opening presents.

One of their new favorite Christmas movies inspired the next picture!

Buddy & Kissy gave Warner these mustaches, but I think we all had fun with them. We spent 30 minutes laughing while everyone tried on a different mustache!! Kissy's face is priceless!!

Mommy & daddy had a few presents to open too!

We had a great laid back morning of taking our time opening presents. We cooked a big lunch, opened more presents, and then I think a few people took a nap :) . I decided that afternoon to go ahead and take down my decorations while I had my mom there to help me. I have never taken them down the day of Christmas, but it just seemed like the smart thing to do since we would be leaving the next day and wouldn't be back home until January 2nd. By the time we went to bed that night I had all Christmas put away and all new toys put away and organized! It was a great feeling!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas Eve

Buddy & Kissy finally arrived!!

happy & excited!!

It has become a tradition to have JoJo & Pops over for dinner on Christmas Eve. So glad to have my parents here too this year! The boys were so excited having all their grandparents under one roof. Fun!

Time to put out reindeer food!! I think Jackson took the whole bag and threw it!

Getting to open one present before bed.

And then Kissy let them open a few from them!

It didn't take long for them to fall asleep and then the elves got to work!