Sunday, June 30, 2013

BEACH 2013

We had a fabulous time with the Rayner crew on our annual beach trip. Daddy had to stay home and get caught up with farming, and we missed him terribly! My aunt B came along for the trip this year and she was a HUGE help!! Pat, Gibson, Laurel, & Freddy joined us for the first part of the week. They had to get back on the road and head to their new home in New Jersey. The weather started off kinda bad the first two days, and then the rest of the week was beautiful. The boys had the best time riding waves, looking for seashells, and just digging in the sand. On the last night Buddy took them crabbing on the beach and that was one of their favorite things all week. We rented a pontoon boat for a day again this year, made a trip to Pirate's Cove, Tacky Jacks, and had our fill of shrimp! It was a great vacation!! Thank you Buddy & Kissy!!

Warner turns seven!!

We had an all boys, golf party this year on a Sunday afternoon. Warner loves golf and is quite the little player, so it was a perfect party. Can't believe we have a seven year old!! I am so proud of the tender hearted, so smart, big helper that he has become. We love you WooWoo!!


Mother's Day & end of school

There is nothing better in this world than being a mother...and especially to these two sweet boys!

On the last day of school, Jackson's preschool teacher had a little breakfast and play time outside on the playground. Jackson had the best first year of school and is so ready to go back. We love his teachers and are excited to get them again next year. He is going to repeat preschool since he has such a late birthday.

Warner's birthday was not until after school was out, but we got to celebrate with his class a early. I brought donuts and a candle and the class sang "Happy Birthday" to him. He was so excited to finally be seven!!

Everyone wanted their picture made with Jackson!


We have been playing A LOT of baseball around here!! Warner is playing his second year of coach pitch, and Jackson started t-ball. Jackson is crazy about it!! Warner is quite the little ball player - playing first base and getting a great hit every time at bat. We are so very proud of both of them. Watching them play is one of my favorite things to do and it never gets old.  

Monday, May 6, 2013


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