Saturday, March 27, 2010

7 months old!

You are sitting up without falling over, eating 3 meals a day, still loving your sleep, about to start crawling, finally sitting in a high chair (mommmy was a little lazy about getting it out), loving Mum Mums and puffs, and LOVING being outside. So far you love - apples, pears, peaches, blueberries, butternut squash, zuchinni, cauliflower, oatmeal, carrots, banana, and sweet potatoes. You don't care for peas or green beans. I am still making all your food and I love it. You are the happiest in the morning and will stay in your bed and play forever if I let you. You are still in awe of your brother and if he's around you are as content as you can be. You started reaching for me when you're in somebody else's arms and that just melts me. At your 6 month appointment when you were almost 7 months old you weighed 18 pounds 13 oz and you were 28 inches long. You don't have any teeth. Every where we go people always say you are the best baby. You really are! You are loved.

Monday, March 8, 2010

last week

Last week started off like any other week.

Jackson slept most of the day on Monday...I just thought he was worn out from our weekend in Memphis, and then woke up Tuesday morning with a runny nose. By the time he woke up from his morning nap he had gone from just a little cold to full out wheezing and grunting. I called the children's clinic and got him in pretty quick. My pediatrician said the word "pneumonia" and I 'bout died! We did a breathing treatment in the clinic and then they sent us over to the hospital for a chest xray. He was so pitiful!
That afternoon my pediatrician called with the news that it looked like a mild pneumonia. We started an antibiotic, steroid, and breathing treatments.

The next morning we got the official report that showed "no pneumonia". I was thankful for that but couldn't really appreciate the good news because my baby was CRAZY!!! He was way out of character - agitated, jittery, and just plain miserable. I had to make another call to my pediatrican and she immediately took him off the steroid!! It was awful...he was so tired, but his little body would not let him rest. That afternoon he screamed for 30 solid minutes while I rocked him and then he finally gave up and crashed. No more steroids for this little boy!!
Finally by Thursday we had our happy little baby back.

Warner has never had any respiratory issues. Jackson will likely struggle with this type of thing his whole life.

We are using the clocks in our house to our advantage - "when it says 7:35 we are getting a bath", etc. It seems to be working like a charm!

I finally got smart after 3 days of breathing treatments and got out the handy portable DVD player for a little Baby Einstein to keep his attention.

This is just for I'll remember what it was like shopping with these two - Jackson taking up the entire buggy in his carseat and Warner sitting in the front. Leaving very little room for groceries.

Monday, March 1, 2010

gin show 2010

We had a great time this weekend at the annual farm & gin show in Memphis. Warner was in heaven with all the tractors and farm equipment. Jackson & I were just along for the ride - we spent most of our time in the hotel room while Jackson napped. JoJo, Pops, Matthew, Madison, & Mason were also there for the weekend so we enjoyed having a little family time. Warner loves his cousins! They even got to go swimming one night!

in 10-12 years they will be forced to drive's called free labor. They don't even know what's coming!

it is a lot of walking...and Chris & Pops have to see everything!! We all get tired!

riding on the trolley to eat lunch at Huey's...this has become a tradition.
Jackson's first trolley ride (on his 6 month birthday).

Now if I could only get rid of all the freebies & junk that my husband brought home with us!