Thursday, December 30, 2010

chuck e cheese

"Warner, we're going to chuck e cheese!!!"
everybody had a little fun

this one may have had the most fun!

Jackson sacked out on the way home
Warner is ready to go back again
We had a fun family outing today to chuck e cheese...don't know how we got away with waiting so long to visit this place. The boys loved it, and I have a feeling we will be back...

16 months

Jackson, you are 16 months old!! You are getting so big, and you are so much fun!!! Daddy and I are constantly laughing at you, amazed by you, or very frustrated with you. Laughing because you try to do everything right along with your brother. Amazed at just how smart you are - you know just what we're saying! Frustrated because you are into everything - your favorites being the toilet and the garbage!

You were so much fun this Christmas. You would open a present and say "ooohhhh". It was priceless! You love your shopping cart and love to load it up and push it around the house. The ball pit is another favorite...and you will dive in and stay in there forever just playing with the balls.
You love to eat!! If I let you, you would have something in your mouth all day long. You wake up and go straight to the kitchen, making sure we follow, and point to the cabinets. Your favorite foods are blueberries, strawberries, grapes, yogurt, applesauce, pasta, avocado, banana, pancakes, cheese, breakfast bars, mum mums, puffs....and sadly, french fries! You really like whatever we put in your mouth. Ha!
You love love love your brother!! He loves you just as much...and I love seeing y'all play together. But y'all also do a lot of fighting :(
I love seeing you with your grandparents - all 4 adore you!
those eyes!!! They are one of my favorite things about you...
You are a daddy's boy!
You don't want to be rocked anymore - the second I sit down to rock you, you start pointing for your bed...ugh! What happened to my itty bitty baby?!
You are only taking one nap a day now. It's been great because you are sleeping for about 3 hours!!
Did I mention you love your brother....and you will give him the biggest hugs and kisses!
You love to be outside! We have to make sure the back door is closed all the way because if not you will push it open and go outside by yourself.
You are a mess and you keep me on my toes, but I wouldn't have it any other way!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Christmas morning...checking out their stockings
They were both so much fun this Christmas...Warner really getting in to the whole Christmas excitement and Jackson actually being able to participate this year.

thank you Johnson family for my new hat!

playing one of his new Wii games
JoJo and Pops came to see what Santa brought

then Buddy & Kissy arrived...looked like Santa's sleigh
and it was crazy!!!
thank you to all our family for everything!!

opening his very favorite thing...."this is what I've always wanted!!" A Thomas & Friends electric train - it was priceless when he opened it.
Buddy's new apron
he is seriously infatuated with this train
cannot take the smile off his face
Jackson thinks it's pretty cool too
thank you Buddy & Kissy - you made one little boy very happy!
trying to get a family picture
eating supper on his new tray
and somebody trying to steal their brothers food
We had a great Christmas - one of my favorites! We are so blessed!

Christmas Eve

On the Eve of Christmas Eve, Warner & I baked our Christmas cookies,
and wrestled with daddy.
Christmas Eve morning - trying to stay's cold outside!
did a little baking with mommy
We ate dinner over at JoJo and Pops house....forgot my camera :(
when we got home the boys got their bath and put on their Christmas pj's

we put out cookies for Santa...and had a to make sure they tasted good!

we put out our reindeer food
and Santa came!!!!