Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Happy Birthday Madison!! Hope it was a GREAT one! Can't wait to see those pierced ears!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

hunting season strikes again

my boys in their camo

I came in the other night to find Chris in his chair covered with Warner's toys - It was the funniest thing - I had to take a picture. Warner just kept piling his toys on top of his daddy!!

this is kinda gross, but I had to include it. Chris killed this rattle snake today on his way to his deer stand to find something he had lost while hunting yesterday afternoon. SO SCARY!! He immediately went back to his truck, grabbed his gun, & killed it!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Warner, Chris, & I just got back from a great vacation in San Antonio!! Chris had to go to Seguin, TX (20 miles from San Antonio) to look at a tree shaker for the pecan orchard, so we decided to turn it into a family vacation. We had the best time - we did more in 3 days than most tourist do in a week.

so beautiful & so much to do!!
Warner LOVES ducks - we think it's his favorite animal. Here he is looking at the ducks on the riverwalk...

eating outside on the riverwalk - there are restaurants all up & down the riverwalk, so you can just walk until you find something that looks good. The only problem is finding one that can seat you!! Even on a week night the riverwalk is covered up with people.

riverwalk boat tour - one of our favorite things we did!!


the grounds of the Alamo are so beautiful - lots of space for Warner to run around!!



Warner DID NOT like this too much!! He was scared to death of Davy and hung on to Chris for dear life during the ride...


the petting zoo - or should I say, the goat ranch
Warner really LOVED the zoo - it was so great for him to actually get to see the animals we talk about and read about.

and last, but certainly not least


Sea World was AWESOME!! I think I may have been more amazed than Warner....We really wish we would have had more time here, but again, we were trying to fit everything in.

this was my favorite part - the dolphin exhibit - we were so close - Warner was trying to figure out how to get it the water!!at one point the dolphins came right over to us - look how close we were!!

We did other things as well - went to the Market square, ate at some great restaurants, lots of walking, a little shopping. We ate at a great Mexican restaurant in the market - they had mariachi men that would come to your table and sing for you. Warner loved watching them at other tables, so we thought we'd get them to come to our table and play a song - NOT a good idea. Warner was scared to death!! He started screaming, so Chris got him out of the highchair and he put his face in Chris' chest & wouldn't even look at them...ha ha!!
We had a great vacation!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Mamaw!!

Today is Warner's great-grandmother's birthday!! Happy Birthday Mamaw! We love you so much!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Chisolm Park

On our last day in Dallas, we took Warner to an awesome park with a huge pond and 2 different play gyms. He loved chasing the ducks and throwing things in the pond. We went down the slide hundreds of times and he would've gone down a hundred more if we let him!!

We had a great visit with Buddy & Kissy. We don't like them living so far away, but Dallas is a great place to visit - so much to do!! Warner will NEVER be bored when he goes to visit his grandparents!!

static electricity after going down the slide so many times!

Daddy was so happy to see his little buddy!! I wish I would've had my camera when we got off the plane. I put Warner down and he ran right to his daddy & jumped in his arms!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


What an awesome last 17 months it has been for us!! Thank you Jesus for this gift - we are so undeserving. This little boy has brought so much joy and love to our family! He is such a ball of energy - getting into everything he is not suppose to. He is learning new words everyday - yesterday he picked up his shoe and said "sue" and today he pointed out the window at a truck and said "tuk". He knows all his animal sounds, but his favorite is "quack quack", but it comes out more like "duck duck" - so we're not sure if he's saying "duck" or "quack"! He loves buttons - including buttons on the computer, cell phone, TV, or anything else that he is not suppose to touch. He loves BALLS as you can tell from the video below! He also LOVES to be outside and would stay out all day if I let him. He is still a very picky eater - fruit, chicken, grilled cheese, crackers, french fries, cheese, yogurt, bread - he will not even open his mouth to taste much else...that is a little frustrating! He sleeps with one paci in his mouth and two in each hand along with his pillow and elephant - he is such a great sleeper and always has been - sleeps 12-13 hours (straight) at night and takes a 2-3 hour nap. He loves to play in his bed in the morning - he'll stay in his bed for about 30 minutes every morning and just play with his elephant and pillow. He is a very scheduled - lets you know at around 11:30 that it's lunch time and then he is ready for his nap. His favorite game is hide & seek and he loves to play chase. He LOVES water, so bath time is his favorite time of day. He LOVES his boots and as soon as you put them on his feet he runs to the door and is ready to go play outside. We love this little boy and are so thankful to Jesus that He chose us to be Warner's parents!!

P.S. I did find my belly button!! For the longest time I thought it was on my chest...not any more!!!


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Warner found the "balls" outside of Target!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

big boy pajamas & another booboo!

Warner took another tumble, this time on my parent's back patio, and now he not only has a bump on his head, but also a scab over his nose! You would think he must be very clumsy, but he's not - he's just that active!! He does not sit still, except for when he's sleeping!
Check out his new pj's!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pumpkin Patch!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

FUN in Texas!

Hey Daddy!! Look at all the fun I'm having...

I've been playing outside

mowing the yard

enjoying the pretty weather

looking for airplanes

grilling hamburgers with Buddy

making a mess with Jell-O

and reading books with Kissy!

I'm gonna be really spoiled when I come home!! I miss you and love you!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pops & Maggie!!

Today is Pops birthday and our niece Maggie's birthday!! Hope you both have a wonderful day!


Texas State Fair

Warner & I are in Dallas visiting my parents! We are having a blast and Warner is getting lots & lots of attention. We went to the State Fair yesterday afternoon with our friends, The Smiths. It was so much fun, but a lot of walking and lots of people! Warner & Jetta (the Smith's daughter) had a blast riding the carousel and eating Fair junk.

Warner & Jetta ready for the excitement!

riding the farris wheel

am I tall enough??

the carousel - Warner's favorite ride!!

the petting zoo - Warner wasn't so sure about the animals...he wouldn't get too close!

Warner with his Buddy & Kissy!

eating his first "push up"

happy boy!