Thursday, May 26, 2011

daddy's wheat

In order to see daddy this time of year, we have to go to him. We have two little farmers in the making that love fields to run in, tractors & combines. We helped daddy in his wheat field yesterday, and then helped him get the combine ready for harvesting the wheat. We are so thankful for our hard working daddy!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dallas May 2011

We decided Saturday afternoon, after Warner's birthday party, that we would ride home with Buddy & Kissy and stay the week. Chris is working so much and long hours right now...I knew he wouldn't miss us! The ride was long, but we made it! We had a jam packed week. My boys love to be at Buddy & Kissy's house. It's a nice break from our regular routine, and there are lots of fun things for us to do. There is also lots & lots of eating - Fireside Pies, Joe T Garcia's, RockFish...the list goes on and on!!

Grandparents always have Popsicles!!

building Lego's with Buddy

watching cartoons in Buddy & Kissy's bed

We found "jump for fun" this time. It was so much fun!!

Fort Worth Zoo

We spent our Saturday at the zoo. It was pretty hot, but the most of the animals were really moving around. We saw a Bengal tiger enjoying a swim, turtles mating(!), and got up close & personal with a gorilla. Warner's favorite were the dinosaur exhibits they were featuring.

2 hot & tired boys leaving the zoo

one last trip with Buddy to the park before our flight leaves

Thank you Buddy & Kissy for our little mini vacation. We hope we didn't wear you completely out!!

five years old

May 17, 2006 - the day you made me a mommy. In a blink of an eye the last five years have passed. You have given me & daddy so much joy and happiness.

We were in Texas(visiting Buddy & Kissy) on your birthday and spent the day doing some of your favorite things. We had doughnuts for breakfast, spent the morning at the park, lunch at Chik-fil-A, and ended the night at dinner with friends.

At five years old, you are 44 pounds and 44 inches tall

went to bed Monday night as a four year old
and woke up five!!

you have finally added some different foods to the small list of things you will eat - pizza, grilled cheese sandwich, bacon...

you remember everything!!

you are (most of the time) pretty sweet to your little brother...and he just adores you

you love to play, and you are constantly wanting someone to come to your house

you glue in to the tv and don't hear a thing around you

you are so excited about being five!!!

make a wish!!

It is so fun to be your mommy. I love you!!

Happy Birthday my little five year old!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Warner's 5th birthday party

We had Warner's camping/bug birthday party last Saturday (May 14th). I'm still not believing that we have a 5 year old (more on that in another post). His party was so much fun. We had our own little camp ground...complete with tents, picnic tables, digging for worms, and a bug hunt!