Monday, February 21, 2011

this is the day the Lord has made

We had the perfect weekend...nothing to do, no where to go, and all of us home together! We (Chris) got a lot of projects done around the house. We played outside all day. We loved the weather! I know our time with Chris is quickly coming to a close...he will start planting in March and then he is busy, busy, busy until harvest in October & November. I'm so thankful for pretty weekends when he can be home with us!!

This is Warner today dressed for red, white, & blue day a school. His outfit was a hit!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

my Valentines & beautiful weather

After 4 days of fever for Warner & runny nose & coughing for Jackson, we spent part of our Valentines day in the doctors office. They both had a sinus infection, and Warner had an ear infection.
Chris & I still got to sneak away for a Valentine's dinner. We had such a nice dinner and didn't have to feed anybody, take anybody to the bathroom, or clean up after
anybody...ha ha!
We have been doing a lot of this...laying around watching movies.
We were so happy to see some sunshine and warm temperatures...we needed to get out and get some fresh air.
I finally feel comfortable enough to let Jackson ride on the gator with Warner...and he LOVES it!
I still can't get over how last week we had snow and single digits and this week we have temperatures in the 70's!!

(yes, mom, we got a haircut yesterday)

Hurry up Spring...we're ready for you!!

W a r n e r

Warner had his first homework assignment over the weekend. He worked so hard writing his name. They are starting to write their names...using the D'nealian alphabet.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

more snow, sick boys, & old toys

We got more of this...and it was beautiful!! There is just something about crisp and white and clean. Then it melts...and it's not so crisp and clean looking any more, ha! We didn't get too excited about it this time. We did go to the levee again, but Jackson & I sat in the truck this time and stayed warm & dry. I was hoping to keep him well by keeping him out of the cold, wind, and wet. He did stay well, but now Warner is the sick one!

Bubba loves to sit at the back door and watch the, play, or whatever. He watches over them!
I keep looking at Jackson thinking - you are not a baby anymore. He is getting taller, losing that baby fat, and just acting so big! Mainly because he wants to do everything Warner does.
This is Warner on the way to the levee. See that head lamp? That was his prize for getting GREEN LIGHTS at school.
Jackson hanging out in the truck while everyone was sledding down the levee.
Icicles on the back of the house...they were really neat!
Just throwing this in here because I love it. They love to help daddy build a fire!
Yesterday(Warner woke up with a fever, ugh!) we got out boxes of toys that I had put away from when Warner was a was like having all new toys! They played with these toys for hours.

even the boxes were entertaining

This morning we are watching Toy Story 2 and hoping Warner's fever will come down...and praying that Jackson stays well!!

meeting Freddy

Last weekend, Warner and I traveled to Colorado to meet our new nephew/cousin. After a cancelled flight on Friday, and an all day adventure in the airport on Saturday, we finally arrived to see this sweet baby boy.

These two are so cute together! Can't you tell how much they love each other?
me & Gibson - God has blessed me so much with the best sister-n-laws!
Warner was totally smitten with his baby cousin - now he thinks he needs another baby brother ;)

When we arrived in Colorado it was snowing..and continued pretty much the entire weekend. Sunday morning we bundled up and went out to play in it for a while.

two snow bunnies

Kissy is totally content with a baby in her arms....
I miss him so much!
a little miracle
Kissy & Buddy traveled with us on the first leg of the trip home...and let me tell you that was so nice! I'm use to always flying solo..and usually with 2 kids, so it was so great to have extra hands going through security and boarding.
Jackson had a great weekend too having a little one on one time with his daddy and getting to spend some time with JoJo & Pops too. I could not wait to get my hands on him!!