Thursday, April 24, 2008

My boys & their garden!

Chris decided last Sunday that he wanted to plant a, we loaded up & went to Walmart to get the essentials. Warner has had just as much fun as Chris. Everytime they come in from the garden, Warner has to be stripped down & I usually end up having to soak his clothes over night. He loves dirt!! They planted tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, bell peppers, banana peppers, jalapeno peppers, & watermelon. It will be interesting to see if anything comes up...

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Monday, April 21, 2008


After a week in Dallas & an 8 hour drive to Laurel for the weekend, we are back at home. We had a great visit with my parents - Warner LOVES all the activity - going to the park, playing outside, flying kites, looking at the ducks...he is thoroughly entertained!

Look at that face!! The higher the better...

Thursday we drove to Laurel for a wedding of a high school friend. Chris met up with us on Friday, and we rode home with him yesterday. Warner got to visit with both of his great grandmothers - we stayed at Meme's house & Mawmaw and Aunt B babysat while we attended the wedding. Thanks Mamaw & B - Warner loved the finger painting, baseball, train track, & making rice krispie treats!!
Meme has a pond behind her house which provides LOTS of entertainment - Buddy & Warner rode the paddle boat, went fishing (no hooks were involved!), and had fun throwing sticks & whatever else in the water.

sleepy boy on the ride home - he played so hard the entire weekend...nothing better than being center of attention.
of course we had to make sure everything was still in place on the farm - Warner LOVES to drive with daddy & he was more than happy to get out of his car seat!!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

23 MONTHS!! (tomorrow)

      • Taking showers with daddy! This started at about the time we finished remodeling our bathroom. Warner LOVES the shower - he puts his little toys up on the bench and has a big time. This is their little thing they do together every night.
      • Using the potty!! He used the potty for the first time this month. He had been tee teeing on the floor before his bath, so I thought I would start putting him on the potty before we put him in the bath and it worked. I think I scared him I was so excited!

      • Putting 2, 3, & 4 words together! He will say, "moma mon (come on), let's go!" or the one I hear ALL DAY "moma I by by" (I want my by by).
      • He has become my "little helper". He loves to "help" me with whatever I am doing around the house - dusting, sweeping, laundry. I have started giving him a (small) pile of folded clean clothes to let him carry back to the bedroom - he gets the biggest smile on his face!! He will go & get me diapers & lay down & let me change him - much easier than trying to fight him on the changing table.
      • LOVING LIFE!! This little boy is just happy to be alive - he loves life! He is always happy, so sweet to his mommy, & he really does mind me well. He plays so well with other children & gets so excited to have a play mate!
      • LOVES to sing!! His favorite thing to sing right now is the Barney song. "I love you, you love me!" He will give you a "great big hug" when that part comes & a "kiss from me to you". He crawls in my lap several times a day & sings to me.
      • LOVES his grandparents!! If you ask him "who do you love?" He will name all his grandparents & moma and dada. If you ask him "how much do you love us?" he will put his arms up high.

      • Calls himself "baby"! If you ask him what his name is, he says "baby". He use to say his name, but just started saying "baby". I thought that was the sweetest thing because he IS my baby!!

      • He has started being very friendly, but still shy. If that makes sense. He loves to tell everybody "hey" & will even wave to other cars while we're driving down the road. He still does the whole burying his face when someone talks back to him.
      • First haircut!! He got his first hair cut this past week. My sweet friend, Mary Evelyn, came over and gave Warner a little trim. I didn't want to cut a lot, just give it a little shape & help it grow a little more even - she did exactly what I wanted! Thank you!

      • Asking LOTS of questions! Where dada? Where buba (Buddy)? Where Kissy? What that? Who that?

The countdown for the big #2 is here...Can't believe he has been with us for 2 years, and can't imagine life without without him!! He is such a blessing to not only Chris & I, but our whole family. Thank you Jesus for this precious life!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Welcome back pretty weather!!

After what seemed like an entire week of rain, we finally had some pretty (& hot) weather today. This little boy was very happy about that! He could live outside...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I LOVE chocolate!!

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