Friday, May 28, 2010

first of many

Warner fell yesterday at a friends house and busted his chin open. It scared me to death when I first saw it..not a lot of blood, just a deep cut. I put him in the car immediately and we were off to the children's clinic. He was so brave! Three butterfly stiches and he has not skipped a beat.

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9 months old

WOW! Nine months old! You are so much fun. You love to crawl all over the house following your brother wherever he goes. You crawl then stop and sit, then crawl and sit. You are pulling up on everything, climbing over & on top of things, and taking a few steps while holding on. You are now eating store bought baby food...momma's time is especially limited now that big brother is out of school! I think you like my food better and hopefully I'll get back to it here shortly. You love everything except green gag on peas and green beans. Your favorite foods are yobaby yogurt, bananas, and oatmeal. You still love your thumb and when you're going to sleep you love to suck your thumb and rub my face with the other 4 fingers on the same hand. I love to watch you on the monitor while you're sleeping - you have so many sleeping positions. You are still the best baby - very content if big brother is around. When he's not home I think you are a little lost and bored. We have been swimming a few times already this summer and you LOVE the water. I have my hands full because you are fearless! In the baby pool you love to just crawl around and you will stick your face in and come up smiling. You are a joy to our family! Our little blessing that I prayed for so long...I will never take your life for granted! Happy 9 months baby boy.

4th birthday party

We celebrated Warner's 4th birthday last Saturday with a dinosaur party! It was a very HOT day - over 90 degrees, but it was a success! Warner had a great time and enjoyed his bounce house and cake. He loved having all his friends come to his house, and it was even better to have his cousins Madison, Kepler, & Dax there to0.

The invitation! Jenny Holloway you amaze me everytime. She is so creative!! If you need an invitation, check her out at

Our little family - these 3 boys in my life make me so happy!

The bounce house was H-U-G-E!! We set it up the day before and even I had a little fun playing. Thank you to our neighbors for letting us borrow it!

The cake matched the invitation.
Jackson woke up halfway through the party and enjoyed being passed around.

Jackson and Pops
Jackson and Aunt Haley
time to sing

this is when I decided to take the cake inside...

Even Jackson had a little friend at the party - Gaines and his mommy, Julie

Jackson and Buddy

cousins - Warner, Madison, & Kepler

more cousins - Madison, Warner, Jackson, Kepler, & Dax
Daddy and Jackson
I still can't believe I have a four year old...and what's even crazier is that in just 3 short months we'll be celebrating Jackson's first birthday! Time flies when you're having fun!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

last day of preschool

Today was Warner's last day of 3 year old preschool. We were so sad to say goodbye to our teachers, but we are looking forward to a very laid back summer. Hopefully Jackson will let us sleep in a few mornings this summer!!

August 2009 on the left....May 2010 on the right

party at school

show & tell

I forgot to post this last month, but it is too sweet not to document on our blog. Warner has been begging to take Jackson to show & tell since right after we brought him home from the hospital. First I told him we needed to wait until he got his shots, then it was that show & tell time was during Jackson's nap time....I finally had to give in and just go with it. I am so glad I did!! All his classmates sat on the floor and we went to the front of the class and sat in chairs. Warner told his class all about his brother - his full name, how old he was, what he ate, etc. His class was so excited to have a baby in their class and everybody wanted to hold him. Warner was such a proud big brother!!

This picture was taken on Warner's birthday, but just like at show & tell all the kids wanted to play with Jackson and hold him.

Monday, May 17, 2010

four. years. old.

Today, you are four years old!! Boy oh boy, where do I start to write down all the things about you as a four year old?! You are FULL OF YOURSELF! Always making us laugh, making us want to scream, making us want to squeeze you, and making us want to go insane all at the same time! Things I don't want to forget about you at this age:

-You LOVE life (and always have). You get excited about the little things and remember the smallest detail. You love to go, go, go!! You are always wanting to go to someone's house...especially our neighbors house. You just want to knock on the door and invite yourself in...we've gotta work on that!
- You love sweets! Chocolate is your favorite. You are a horrible eater. I can list the things you will eat on 2 hands, but thankfully you love fruit. You are constantly asking, "can I have some dessert?" You would drink pink lemonade all day without eating anything if we let you. I just know one day you will wake up and want to atleast try new things.
- You want to obey, really you do...but for some reason it takes the 3rd or 4th time to get you to do what I want you to do. Ugh!! In the last few months at school your teachers have gone to a light system - green, yellow, red. Most of the time you have green, but you've had a lot of yellow & red recently too-hitting, getting out of line, not going to circle time, acting up in chapel, throwing toys, etc. It has made me a little upset and it just absolutely ruins our day! I have to go home after not seeing you all day and spank you. It really does hurt me more than it does you!
- You love to snuggle! Every single night you beg to get in mommy and daddy's bed "just for a little while" and honestly I love when you get in our bed. I don't want you in there all night, but it's fun for a little while. I know there will come a time when that's not cool, so I'll soak it up while I can!
- You don't take a nap daily anymore. It had become pretty difficult to get you to bed at night, so we did away with taking one every single day. If you are still for longer than 5 minutes though you will fall asleep on your own - lately you have fallen alseep in time-out, the car, or even a few times on the couch watching tv.
- You go to school everyday from 8-11:30 and you love it!! Your favorite thing about school is the playground, you love show & tell, you have the best teachers, and even though I know you are ready for a break I know you will wake up all summer and want to know when you are going back to school. We have been so blessed by PDS.
(zoo day - May 13 - daddy dressed you up as a deer)
- Your life as you knew it completely changed this past August. You became a big brother!! You are an amazing big brother! Jackson absolutely adores you! When he sees you his eyes light up and his smile is from ear to ear. You love to go in his room when he wakes up. You know just what to do - lights on, sound machine off, and then you will say, "good morning, did you have a good nap?" It makes me smile! Most of the time you are so considerate of him - getting him toys, helping him reach things, playing with him, wanting to protect him, sharing. There are times when you are not so nice - covering him with pillows, stepping on his fingers, taking things from him....but isn't that part of the job title as big brother - pestering!!
- If there is dirt or mud within your reach, you are in it. I am doing a lot of laundry!
- You still love trains. You also love to play with tractors and trucks and trailors. Your favorite thing to do right now is play in the dirt in the back yard with your tractors and trailors. You will sit in one spot for hours and pretend you are a farmer - I just laugh listening to you pretend to be your daddy!! If you aren't in the dirt you can be found riding your gator or 4-wheeler! We have to charge them every night because you can run the battery down in one day.
- Those eyes!!!!!!!!! I love your eyes! You have your daddy's eyes. We get mixed opinions about who you look like - some say me, same say daddy....but we know for sure who you act like!! You are Buddy made over - full of personality. Once you warm up to someone, you will talk their ear off.
- You love to tell secrets! You put your lips right up to my ear and whisper little silly stories. Some things that come out of your mouth crack me up - "are you thinking what I'm thinking?" or "I'm all about____!" This week you have been "all about swimming pools".
-You love to help me...laundry, sweeping, pouring your juice, cooking, making the bed, everything! Most of the time I love your help, but sometimes I would rather save time.
I am so proud of the little boy you have become. God knew what he was doing when he gave us you, and we are so thankful!
Happy 4th Birthday Warner Lively!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

dear baby jac jac

I don't think this is a very good idea...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

bath time

I love these boys so much! We are having the best time - just the 3 of us! We miss daddy while he's working so much...but we're so thankful for our hard working daddy! He makes it possible for me to be able to stay home and have fun with these boys everyday. Thank you daddy!!
Bathtime has become one of my favorite times of day recently...#1 reason being that it's the end of the day and I know I'm about to get to relax soon...but also because these two are so funny together! I can get stressed about the little things - Jackson thinking he can breath the water, Warner getting every bath toy out and making a huge mess that I will have to clean up later, every bottle of bath wash getting knocked down by a busy baby boy, water all over the bathroom floor...but I choose to laugh and enjoy every minute. They grow up too fast...and I want to remember these moments forever!! I love being a mom!!