Wednesday, July 27, 2011

golf & bronchitis

One of our favorite family activities - GOLF!!

Warner is pretty good...if we could just get him to grip the club the right way.

Jackson is the ball boy...he loves to get them out of the sand traps.

Warner started a horrible cough on Saturday and on Sunday night he screamed for over 3 hours (off and on in his sleep) because of his ear. Jackson had a little congestion and was acting like his ear was bothering him. Sooooo....we spent our entire afternoon in the doctors office on Monday - 4 long hours!!!!!! Longest afternoon of my life!! They both have bronchitis, and Warner has 2 very infected ears. We've been doing a lot of breathing treatments and laying around. Hopefully they will be better soon so we can enjoy the 2 short weeks we have left before school starts back :(

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dallas July 2011

The boys & I enjoyed our last summer getaway in Dallas last week. We had a little different experience flying this time (we used a different airline). They would not let Chris go through security with me and would not let me take my stroller to the gate (had to check it). So there I was with 4 bags & 2 children going through security and of course NOBODY helps me!! Once we made it to the gate they were already boarding and a nice little lady came over to me and said "you are traveling with small children and they need to let you on the plane first." She ended up going up to the airline employee who was boarding the plane and telling her to let me was really sweet! And they let me on!! The flight was just about as good as expected - Jackson crawling all over me for the whole flight...thank goodness it's only an hour flight. Warner is my little helper -holding Jackson's hand, pulling his bag, and keeping up with me. We were so happy to see Buddy when we landed in Dallas!!! One of the first things he and Warner did was go to the train store. Buddy had promised he would get an electric train for his house and he did not disappoint!! They all had fun putting it together.

The temperatures were in the triple digits during our entire visit, so we were either in the water or indoors. They LOVE the splash pad...and it's only a mile away so we made many trips.

CARS 2!! Jackson first time in the movie theatre!! He was good for the first half...and then he got a little restless. Next time I think we will come in after the previews and wait until half way through the movie to get the popcorn.

We also did lots of swimming /playing in the water hose in the backyard.

Funny little boy!

Our friend's Jon & Shelley invited us over to their neighborhood pool one morning. It was more like a water park - with 5 different pools including this fun splash part and water slides! Jackson walked right on up the stairs while I was still putting sunscreen on Warner. The bucket on the top fills up with water and once it's full it turns over and all the water comes pouring out. Jackson was not expecting that and it scared him to death. He ended up falling down the steps and got pretty beat up on his face.

Buddy is a great playmate!

My dad signed Warner up for this little tiny tots tennis camp. He loved it and did so good!! He has a mean little back hand.

A new aquarium opened in Grapevine the week before we got there so we had to check it out! It was a great aquarium, but we picked a bad day to go. We were there with every day care in town!! Warner loved it...especially the sharks.

On our last night, my parents took me out for a birthday dinner to one of my favorites - Fireside Pies! It was delicious.

We loved our time with Buddy & Kissy and can't wait to see them again!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

22 months

On June 27th, you turned 22 months old!! This month your vocabulary is taking off. You try to repeat anything and are putting some three word sentences together. You are also testing your boundaries and starting to get some spankings. When daddy spanks you, you will come running to me crying and say "da da spank me" - like you are telling on him! You will also sit in time out and a few times have put yourself in time out. You still love to call my name - over the weekend you went from calling me momma to calling me especially like to call my name when you are upset. You are fearless!! You have scared so many people at the country club pool because you will just walk over to the side and jump in. Everyone will say, "is he okay?" You still think you are as big as Warner and will do and say anything he does. You have started saying hey to us when you come in the room - he mommy, hey daddy...and love to say bye to daddy the same way. You weighed 32 pounds when I took you to the doctor last week- you're a big boy and everybody tells us that about you. You love to wear boots, love to be outside, love to watch a movie in the afternoons, love your blankets, love your brother, and love to run. You say "no" real loud when you don't want something or shake your head back and forth. You answer "uh huh" instead of yes - we laugh every time you do it! We can get you to smile for a picture by saying show me your teeth. I just want to squeeze you and kiss your face off every single second of the day...I love this age!! You are such a gift to our family and we could not imagine life without you in it. You are so loved!!! I can't believe we almost have a 2 year old!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July weekend at the lake

This weekend we traveled to Lake Mitchell in Clanton, Alabama to celebrate 4th of July. We met up with the rest of Chris' family (18 people total) and had a great weekend on the lake. We had 3 boats total - 2 fishing boats and one pontoon. We swam, we fished, we rode on the intertube, we jumped off the top of the pontoon boat, and we slid down the slide. We had the best time!!

Happy 4th of July!!

all the cousins, in order by age - Maggie, Matthew, Madison, Mason, Kepler, Warner, Dax, Morgan, Michael, and Jackson