Thursday, July 19, 2012

life lately

My very particular, loves to clean up, very organized, almost three year old's perfectly lined up cars.

fun day at the pool!

swimming with friends - warner, jackson, bryant, & lucy kate

Jackson & I took a quick trip to TX to visit Buddy & Kissy last weekend. It was very last minute! Warner left with Pops & JoJo to go to Dollywood, and I thought it would be a good time to go see my parents..and fun for Jackson to get a little alone time with the grandparents. I booked my flight at 2:00, packed our bags, and we were out the door at 4:00 to catch our flight! Probably the most spontaneous I've ever been!! It was fun!
He wanted me to take his picture with the airplane - I could just eat him up!!

shopping with Kissy & Mommy

yummy - Mexican food!!


saying goodbye :(

summer mornings - oh how much I love them!! I am already in depression about school starting back. I just love having my boys all to myself!!!

4th of July 2012

We spent 4th of July at Lake Mitchell again this year with the whole Lively crew. Thank you, Kevin & Haley, for treating us to your lake have a beautiful place! We had the best time - fishing, tubing, swimming, and just relaxing - it was a perfect getaway!


sick boys & on the road again

On our last day at the beach, Chris & I took the boys to eat & play at Lulu's and then we were headed for The Track for some fun. Jackson started acting a little funny and just got really quiet. When they brought us our food, he just laid his head down on the table and wouldn't eat. He ended up almost falling asleep in Chris' lap. I reached over and felt him and he was BURNING UP! Chris took Jackson & I back to the condo and his fever was above 103. That ended our beach fun, but I was so thankful it didn't start until our last day. The next day, on our way home, Warner started running fever. We had two sick little boys on our hands! Their fevers lasted 3 days - so it was lots of medicine, sleeping, and laying around.

After 3 days of fever...they were both finally fever free by Monday morning! We were ready for our next adventure - the lake for fourth of July!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

BEACH 2012

The day after the Patrick Family Reunion, we headed to the beach for our Rayner Family vacation. We had not seen my brother and his family since Thanksgiving - so good to get to see them and spend a whole week together. We enjoyed relaxing on the beach, we ate lots of seafood, and we tried something new this year and rented a pontoon boat for a day - that ended up being our favorite thing! Thank you Buddy & Kissy for such a fun getaway!!