Saturday, April 28, 2012

Merry Heart Circus

Warner's Kindergarten class performed Merry Heart Circus last week for their class play. Warner was a clown with 2 other little boys and they each told a joke. Warner's line was, "Why do cows wear bells? Cause their horns don't work!" They did such a great job!! I can't believe his kindergarten year is coming to an end.
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The cutest baseball player I've ever seen!

We're spending a lot of time at the baseball fields and loving every minute. Warner is playing coach pitch this year. He is having fun out there and doing great!
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Super Bulldog Weekend

We had so much fun in Starkville for Super Bulldog Weekend. We were able to see tennis, baseball, softball, football...and a little bit of SUGARLAND!! Such a fun concert, but not fun with two sleepy boys.
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cedar Hill Farm

I got to go with Warner on his field trip Friday to Cedar Hill Farms, and we had the BEST time!!

We rode horses.

Went on a train ride.

Fed the animals.

Went on a hay ride to a strawberry patch.

And got to pick yummy strawberries. They were delicious!!

It was so nice to spend the day with this boy! He is growing up too fast!

My favorite part was this fun slide!

I went down too many times!!

I'm so thankful for this little boy...thankful to be his mommy and thankful for getting to spend a whole day with just him!!

my boys

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter weekend

Our Easter weekend started with an egg hunt at Warner's school on Saturday morning.

Payton, Paxton, Warner, & Jackson

I couldn't keep up with Warner. He was serious!

Jackson finally got the hang of it.

The rest of our weekend was spent on the farm with cousins!

Easter Sunday

Easter egg hunt Sunday afternoon at JoJo & Pop's house.

The bunny cake I made.

Jackson "driving" the four wheeler.

We had a great weekend, and we are still enjoying Warner being out of school today.