Monday, March 23, 2009

beautiful spring day

Last weeks weather couldn't have been any better!! We have been outside so much and loving it. Chris' sister, Michelle, and her children were in town last week on their spring break and we took advantage of getting to hang out with them. Warner LOVES his cousins - and he has 8 on Chris' side of the family, so it is a full house when we all get together. He prays for them every night - every one by name! It is the cutest thing!!
On Wednesday of last week we packed a picnic and headed over to the pecan orchard and let the kids run wild. We built a little fire, roasted hot dogs & marshmallows, and took turns riding the 4-wheeler. Thank you Jesus for blessing us with beautiful weather and for family to share it with.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009


It has been an eventful week here at the Lively house. As I mentioned on a previous post, last Wednesday Warner had a high fever. Thursday no fever, Friday morning no the weather was so nice we headed outside before lunch and nap time. He rode his tricycle all the way down the street and back, we played on the swing set, played golf...he had the best time! I went to put him down for his nap and about 15-20 minutes into the nap he starts crying. He never does this! I went in, got him settled back down, and he went back to sleep. This happened about 3 or 4 more time, so I finally just got him out of the bed and put him on the couch to watch a movie. About an hour later he was up playing. That night the same thing happened. He would go to sleep only to wake up every 15 minutes crying. WELL, if your child has ever had an ear infection you just kinda know what is going on. They are fine until they lay down and there is just so much pressure in their little ears and it is so painful. So, what do you do on a Friday night when you finally realize that maybe he really might be sick?? Rachel, my nurse practitioner friend to the rescue. I called her Friday night and she was going to come over first thing Saturday and look in his ears. By Saturday morning I knew he definitely had an ear infection because (this is gross) there is fluid pouring from his right ear!! YUCK!! I also start feeling horrible on Saturday morning - my throat is raw, head is pounding, I can barely hold my head up! I called Chris who is out on the farm trying to get some work done and tell him I think he needs to come home. I got in the bed Saturday morning and did not get out until Tuesday morning!! I haven't felt that bad in a very long time!! Chris took such good care of us. He cooked, cleaned, took Warner to the doctor, gave us our medicine. He was great!! Thank you honey!!!

I am finally feeling good and Warner's ears are healing - he's on antibiotics and ear drops. We go back next week to see if they are all cleared up. I really thought ear infections were behind us. He had tubes put in almost 2 years ago and hadn't had an ear infection since until now - crazy!

Hope that explains the lack of posting...hopefully I'll be back soon with some pictures.

Friday, March 6, 2009


I got my camera back today!! Thanks JoJo! Thought I would share these cute pics of the gin show and Michael & Morgan's 1st birthday party.
Daddy & Warner riding the trolley after the gin show. He looks so grown up sitting in that seat all by himself...can't believe he is almost 3 years old!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL & MORGAN!!! They dug into their cakes - chocolate cake was everywhere!!

I love this picture of Mawmaw (Chris' grandmother) with the twins.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

love him

Look at this face! He watches EVERYTHING we do. This was a few weeks back (our Valentine's date to PF Changs) - we were waiting on daddy to finish his food, and I was tired of waiting!! This is how I was sitting and I look over and Warner is doing it too!! He is a such a mess!!
We had a busy & gin show on Friday- we were smart this time and dropped the boys off and JoJo and I went shopping. Saturday we traveled to Jackson for our twin nephew's 1st birthday party. They were so cute digging into their cakes - I've got some cute pictures, but I left my camera in Jackson.
Last night Warner started running fever, and this morning it was even higher. He is pitiful!! We've been on the couch watching movies all morning. He's napping now. I'm praying this is just a little fever virus and it will pass soon. The weather is warming up and he has been dying to get outside!!