Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fire Station Field Trip

8 warts gone

Yesterday, Warner had 8 warts deadened (as in 8 shots), frozen, scraped, and burned off. One was on the back of his foot, 2 on his knee, 1 on his wrist, 1 on the top of his hand, and 3 on this fingers. It would have been torture for anyone, but just imagine for a four year old. Thankfully daddy was able to go with us and he stayed in the room with him...I would have never been able to handle it alone. I could hear him from the waiting room screaming!! The worst was when I would hear, "I want mommy." Talk about having to hold back the tears. It only lasted about 10 minutes and then it was over. He was in a lot of pain after the procedure, but the pain meds finally kicked in and he fell asleep on the way home. We were very proud of him, and we are so glad to have this behind us. We just pray that these warts will be gone and STAY gone!!
mail carrier hat for community helpers week at school

14 months

Sweet, sweet baby...that's the song that pops in my head when I think of you. That's what you are!! You are growing up, wanting to do anything and everything just like Warner. You understand so much now. You might not be able to communicate back...but you know just what we're saying! You have a few new words this month - shoes, dog, juice, ta ta (thank you), bye bye (before it was dye dye). Your favorite word is dada...he is also your favorite person! You love to be outside. You are so tough - you fell down in the driveway and skinned your knee, then you fell on the same knee, in the same spot, and you just kept right on trucking along. You are very friendly and love to smile at people. In the grocery store, you sit in the buggy and wave to every person that we pass. Your favorite game is laugh so hard when we chase you around the island in the kitchen. You are a good sleeper...still taking 2 naps and sleeping 7pm-7:30am. You are giving kisses!!!! You lean in, put your mouth to our face, and say "mmmmwah"! If you see a dog, hear a dog, or somebody says something about a dog, you start barking. You can point to our eye and say "eyes" - that's really the only body part you will do. Your favorite book is "The Frog Book" and you want me to read it over and over. You love your glow worm, you music box, your tool box...anything that makes lots of noise! We still have to keep the bathroom doors closed because you love to put things in the potty. If you are missing that's the first place to're either in the shower (another favorite) or playing in the potty. You are busy and you keep me on my toes...and I'm so thankful for your little life. Happy 14's great to be your mommy!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Homecoming 2010

We loaded up the whole house (literally) and hit the road to Starkvegas on Saturday morning for Homecoming. We enjoyed tailgating with Kate & Mason and Rachel & Jason - all 7 kids were great...including sweet 11 week old Brantley. We were spoiled with a flat screen tv and a bathroom right on the RV. Thank you Dunn family for letting us hang out for the day!
We looked like we were moving in since we brought the gold cart,
the gator,
and Warner's bike
But it made the day so much fun for the little ones.

We saw Bully!
and rang our cowbells!!
sat down and relaxed for about 5 seconds before taking off again
played with friends
rode many miles
caught rides with new friends
We had a great day!!

Warner and I went into the game, while daddy and Jackson stayed back at the RV. We stayed until halftime, packed up, put the boys in their pajamas, and headed home. They sacked out the minute we hit the road and slept the whole way. We had to listen to the rest of the game on a fuzzy radio station, and I just about had an anxiety attack trying to keep up. It wasn't pretty, but we'll take the win. GO DAWGS!!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

pajama boys

nothing sweeter than two little clean boys ready for bed

Grandparent's Day

Warner was so glad to have almost all of his grandparents at his school for a day - he missed you Buddy!!

more pumpkins

Cedar Hill Farms

My mom came to visit last week, and I took advantage of her being around...and we did a little bit of everything. I cleaned out my closet that was a mess, we cooked, we shopped, we cleaned, and we went to the pumpkin patch at Cedar Hill Farms. It was a beautiful, but HOT day. Lesley and her crew went with us and the kids always have so much fun. We went on a hay ride, picked pumpkins, walked through a corn maze, rode a horse, fed some animals, rode a train, and had a picnic lunch.

PDS Hot Dog Supper

Every year Warner's school has it's annual hotdog supper. It's a family night where we eat and fellowship with our PDS family and get to go to the classroom and see a little bit of what Warner does at school everyday. Every year they make an "All About Me" book. It's a book all about him and it is my favorite thing he brings home all year!! We are so thankful to be a part of this precious school.

Warner and his tachers - Mrs. James and Mrs. Tiff

best buddies - Paxton & Warner

Monday, October 4, 2010

picnics with daddy

During harvest (well during the whole summer, basically) my boys may go a week without seeing their daddy. He leaves before, if not right after, they wake up in the morning and is not home until after dark. Sometimes he makes it home in time to put Warner to bed, but Jackson really doesn't see him - but Jackson still prefers his daddy over me! We try to make the best of it by having little picnic lunches together. Today we had one of those little picnics and the weather could not been better.

After our picnic I stopped on the side of the road to get some pictures with these cotton modules. We don't grow cotton, but I think it's beautiful. I was trying to be quick because they kept pulling the cotton out of the module...and I'm pretty sure whoever it belonged to would not have appreciated that.

I love pictures! I love these two boys! I love their daddy and how hard he works to provide for us!