Wednesday, September 15, 2010

field trip

Yesterday, Warner's Pre K class went on their first field trip to a cotton farm. They got to pick cotton, see a crop duster, watch the cotton being harvested, and go inside a cotton gin. He had the best time!


Warner started soccer last week, and had his first game this past Sunday. Soccer is my sport, so I was so excited that he was able to play this year. He played so hard, and I was so proud of him. He scored three goals!! I had to contain myself from jumping up and down on the should have seen the smile on his face!

Go Dawgs!!

Last Thursday we were able to sneak away with Warner and go to the Auburn game. Thanks to Kissy for babysitting Jackson, and Buddy for coming through with 3 tickets!! The outcome of the game wasn't exactly what we were hoping for, but we had a great time cheering on our Bulldogs!!

Jackson's birthday party

We celebrated Jackson's first birthday over Labor Day weekend with a backyard cookout with our family and close friends. It was such a beautiful day! Jackson enjoyed all the attention and LOVED LOVED LOVED his cake....I knew he would!
front and back of the invitation by Jenny Holloway

Jackson's first year banner.

cakes by Katie Crenshaw

my new favorite picture
Buddy & Kissy with their two favorite boys.
mommy and her boys
party favors
sweet boy...still can't believe he's a year old!
big excited that his cousins are about to arrive

JoJo trying to keep up with the busy birthday boy
the best I could do...Gaines (14 months), Harris (16 months), Jackson (12 months)
Jackson birthday sign by my great friend, Mary Evelyn

a little help from big brother

Bryant, Michael, and Morgan

"If nobody will give me anything to drink, I'll just help myself!" - Jackson drinking out of the drink bucket.
Happy Birthday Jackson McCraw!!!! You are such a joy!