Friday, February 29, 2008

Welcome to the World!!

Our newest nephews, Michael Aiden McCrory & Morgan Anderson McCrory, were born last night. We can't wait to meet you!! Congratulations Glenn, Michelle, Maggie, Matthew, Madison, & Mason!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I LOVE my niece!!

Mom & I flew to Charleston on Tuesday for me to meet little Laurel Katherine. I couldn't wait to get my hands on her. She is the sweetest little thing...SO TINY!! I couldn't believe how itty bity she is!! This was my FIRST time to leave Warner, so I was a little nervous about that....I was very proud of myself - I was fine! But today I couldn't get home fast enough. I missed that little boy so much!! After being around little Laurel, Warner looked HUGE!!

Oh how I missed this little booger!!

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showing mommy the new shower door

wearing his new swim suit I brought him back from Charleston...
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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Finished Product!!

The bathroom is finished!! All we need is the shower door & we will be in business. These pictures really don't do it justice - Chris worked so hard on this project. I'll have to brag on him for a bit - he did ALL the work except for laying the tile. He completely gutted it & did the sheet rock, mudding, painting, crown molding, electrical work, plumbing - you name it he did it. I am so lucky to have such a handy husband. I told him I was in good shape now that he could do plumbing & electrical work!!
I'm so mad that I don't have any "before" pictures. You really can't have a full appreciation for the changes without seeing what it looked like before. Just picture no doors, stained carpet, one sink, disgusting bathtub, etc.

going into the bathroom from our bedroom
our new double sink is sooo nice to have 2 sinks!
we found a perfect place for one of my favorite pictures!
going in to the shower
shower - I LOVE my bench! potty & cabinet that Chris jazzed up by adding a little molding
DOORS!!! We LOVE doors!! The entry into our bathroom use to be open - so much better with doors. This is the view in to our bedroom.

So glad to be finished!!


We had Lesley's baby shower this afternoon at my house - what a fun time with friends!! Lesley got some very nice & cute gifts. She is all set for Lucy Kate & Bryant - who will arrive sometime before their due date in April. We can't wait to meet those precious blessings!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Christopher Shane

I never do these things, but I saw this on Mary Katherine's blog & thought I would give it a try.

1. Who is your man? Chris
2. How long have you been together? started dating in January of 2000 & got married in December of 2003
3. How long did you date? 4 years
4. How old is your man? the big 3-0
5. Who eats more? Chris
6. Who said "I love you" first? Chris - KA Rose Ball in New Orleans
7. Who is taller? Chris
8. Who sings better? neither of us can sing, but we both try
9. Who is smarter? probably Chris, but I have a higher education
10. Whose temper is worse? CHRIS - hands down!
11. Who does the laundry? me - I love doing the laundry & tell him to not even think about doing it because he doesn't do it right!!
12. Who takes out the garbage? Most of the time Chris, but during his busy times of the year he's barely home & I do most everything.
13. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? me
14. Who pays the bills? me
15. Who is better with the computer? me
16. Who mows the lawn? Chris - I wouldn't know how to work the lawn mower!
17. Who cooks dinner? me, but Chris is a very good cook!
18. Who drives when you are together? Chris
19. Who pays when you go out? either
20. Who is most stubborn? we are both very stubborn - I think it might have something to do with the fact that we are both the youngest child!
21. Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? we are both very bad about this
22. Whose parents do you see the most? Chris' live in the same town
23. Who kissed who first? Chris kissed me
24. Who asked who out? Chris asked me out & then fell asleep & was an hour late to pick me up!!
25. Who proposed? Chris did at my parents house in Laurel
26. Who is more sensitive? definently me!!
27. Who has more friends? we both have a lot of friends
28. Who has more siblings? Chris has 2 - Kevin & Michelle. I have one - Pat.


Our little boo boo is 21 months old today. Just 3 short months and we will have a 2 year old. YIKES!!!

In honor of his 21 months of life, here are 21 fun facts about this little boy we love oh so much.

  1. He calls our names even when we're in the same room - kinda like he's calling roll to make sure we're all there and paying attention to him!
  2. He loves to identify things around the room, point to them, & tell us what they are - such as Elmo, juice, cars, trucks, tick tocks (clocks), hats, ducks, phones, etc.
  3. He loves his dump truck & will fill it with toys and push it around the house.
  4. He just started watching cartoons in the mornings - his favorites are Handy Manny, Elmo, Dooddlebops, Barney, & Little Ensteins.
  5. He has flown more times than most adults I know, but it gets a little harder on me every time - with him being more active & wanting to touch everything in site, including the people sitting in front of us!
  6. He loves to put his face in ours and give eskimo kisses.
  7. He loves to snuggle when he first wakes up - this is when he is the sweetest!
  8. When he wakes up from his nap he will sometimes go back to sleep in our arms and sleep for another hour or more - he did that today and ended up taking an almost 4 hour nap!
  9. His favorite thing to say is "uh oh" - he says this for everything - when the movie ends, when he drops something, when the light goes off...
  10. He loves to put our shoes on - he can't quite figure out how to get them on himself, but once we help him get them on his whole face lights up.
  11. When we're ready to leave the house he runs to the back door and points to where we hang our keys and he starts yelling, "teys, teys".
  12. When he's ready to get out of his highchair he starts saying, "out, out, out, out".
  13. If he wants something he'll come grab our hand and take us to what he wants saying "peas, peas" (please)
  14. If you ask him to do something he doesn't want to do, he makes a horrible face - maybe I can capture it on camera one day.
  15. Warner loves tractors - he has a little red tractor that he carries around with him - he actually took it to the church nursery with him this morning.
  16. I love when he gets on the floor with his cars and rolls them around making little noises - such a little boy!
  17. He has gotten really good at giving hugs & will squeeze us so tight around our neck - we absolutely LOVE those hugs!
  18. He loves to point out our family & friends in pictures and tell us who it is.
  19. He is so funny - he can cut his eyes at us a certain way and you can't do anything but just laugh - Chris & I spend a lot of time just laughing at him!
  20. He doesn't like to be told no & will let you know it. He either puts his face down in the floor or gives out a little grunt. He gets in trouble when he does the grunt - it's his way of talking back!!
  21. He is not even interested in using the potty & I'm not even going to go there until he is.

Happy 21 months William Warner Lively!! Mommy & daddy love you so very much!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bye Bye

We don't know where this came from...but about 2 or 3 weeks ago Warner started calling his paci "bye bye". I have never called it that - he just made it up on his own! I LOVE that he makes his own little name for things, but now I feel like it will be even harder to get rid of the darn thing!! He only gets the "bye bye" at nap time & nite time, but he is canstantly going in his room saying "bye bye, bye bye". At this point I don't mind that he still uses it because it is the ONE thing that keeps him a baby - my baby!! But I know he can't have this thing forever...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sneak Peek

The shower & floors are finished!! Chris is picking up the vanity sink tomorrow. We are almost there!!!! Here is a sneak peek of the finished shower - it turned out so good! Warner had a blast getting his bath in the shower tonight. I think this may become his new way of bath time - a lot easier on my back!!

He LOVES to splash!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Extended Stay!

Warner & I are still in Dallas loving every minute of it, well most of it! We were scheduled to fly home Thursday morning of last week. I woke up that morning feeling AWEFUL!! I could barely talk, body ached, coughing, congestion, nauseated, yuck! I knew there was no way I could get on an airplane and definently not with a VERY active toddler in tow, so I called the airline and changed my flight to the next day. I went to the doctor later that afternoon and I was diagnosed with the flu!!!! I went ahead and changed our flight til the next week that way I would be well enough to tackle the job it is to have a toddler on a plane (sitting in my lap, ha!). After several days of complete misery I am back to normal - just a little weak - getting dressed in the morning feels like running a marathon. Thank you mom for taking such good care of me - there is just nothing like a mother's care!! No offense to Chris, but I just don't think he would of taken as good of care of me. Warner has been in hog heaven - going to the park at least once a day & getting spoiled rotten. My mom has been a little worn out from 3 days of running after Warner and taking care of me. She keeps saying, "I just don't remember you & Pat being that active!" HA HA!! Now she knows how I feel at the end of the day!!
Warner at the park!! He has been to the park everyday we've been here. He LOVES it!! And it's nice for us too - if he's acting up we just say, "well, I guess you can't go to the park today" and he straightens right up!!

FUN at Buddy & Kissy's house!!

We have a hard time getting him off the swing. He LOVES to swing!! Looks like we will have to get a swing set before his birthday in May!

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Monday, February 4, 2008

We have a......NIECE!!!


Laurel was born at 5:53am, weighing 6 lbs, 8 oz, and 18 inches long! Can't wait to hold this little angel and kiss those cheeks!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Reunited & it feels so good!!