Friday, May 30, 2008

busy week

We've been staying busy and trying to stay cool in all this hot weather. We got our little baby pool out earlier in the week, made our first trip to the big pool, and have been playing outside all day everyday! Mommy is worn out!!! Warner loves the water, so we will probably be spending many days at the pool this summer.

taking a break to mow the yard
my little fish
Yesterday we went to the zoo with Chris' sister, her family, and Pops & JoJo. It was extremely hot - a little too hot for a pregnant woman, but Warner had the best time. I was glad we went even though I was paying for it last night. Warner loved seeing all the animals, but the highlight of his day was getting to ride the choo choo - he is still talking about it!!
Warner & Mason in their stroller - these two have the best time together!

all the kids

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!!

Today we stop to remember those that have sacrificed so much for our freedom. I stop and thank the one closest to me (my brother) for the sacrifices he makes to keep our country free. Pat, I love you & I'm so proud to be your sister!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Let's go bowling!!

Yesterday we went to the bowling alley for Ansley's birthday party. Warner had soooo much fun!!! He loved bowling!! We had to remind him over & over that he had to wait his turn to go again. He would have bowled one after the other.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

LOVING this weather!!

With daddy working such long hours (5am - 9pm), we've been trying to stay busy. The weather has been so nice - hot, but nice. We've been playing with all Warner's birthday presents...his birthday falls at such a great time!
Earlier in the week we got out the water spout attachment to the sprinkler. Warner wasn't so sure about it - the water really was too cold. As soon as I unhooked the water spout thing, he loved playing with the hose.

Today he tried out his new paint that cousins Kepler & Dax gave him for his birthday. He LOVED painting - I think mainly because it involved water!!

and then his sidewalk chalk that the McCrory cousins gave him. He had more fun carrying around the bucket than actually using the chalk to color..

then he had to take a ride on daddy's lawnmower - being a silly boy!!

We miss daddy so much when he's working such long hours, but we also know it's necessary. All his hard work will pay off at the end of the year & we'll forget about these long hours - hopefully!

One thing I do like is all this one on one time I get with my little booger! He is so full of life!! Thankfully I have gotten most of my energy back & I'm not walking around like a zomby - like I did the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy. He is such a sweet boy...his new thing is if I tell him "no" or "not right now" he will tell me "okay mommy". So sweet!! At night after his bath he will crawl up in my lap & start giving kisses (real kisses, eskimo, & butterfly kisses). He is so smart - everyday something new is coming out of his mouth - words I didn't even know he knew! I hope to sink in & really ENJOY these next 6 months of only being Warner's mommy - ENJOY every minute giving him 100% of my attention.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's my birthday!!

Saturday morning, I made special cinnamon rolls & stuck a candle in Warner's. We sang "Happy Birthday" and let him practice blowing out the candle. He got a little teased and buried his head in my dad's lap. He was so happy the whole day - he knew it was his special day!!

We had his party out on the farm - in the Pecan Orchard - with a hay ride & bon fire. Warner had a ball!!

Warner helping daddy drive the tractor for the hayride.

Everyone ready for the hayride.
Warner's tractor cake & farm animal cupcakes. It turned out so cute!!

This is the only picture of us all 3 together...we were all running in different directions. Chris is trying to keep Warner out of the cake!! He LOVES cake!!

yum yum!! Thank you to everyone who made Warner's birthday so special!!

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Saturday, May 17, 2008


Today is Warner's 2nd birthday!! WOW!! How in the world can my baby be 2 years old?? I can remember the picture below like it was yesterday. I remember the first time I held Warner & how it changed my life forever. I immediately fell deeply in love with this gift from God. All I wanted was to protect him, to take him home, to love him. It felt so natural to be his mommy - he fit my arms just perfectly!! He still does!!

This is one of our first pictures as a family of 3 - we are 2 very happy parents (and one TIRED & VERY SWOLLEN mommy)!

Warner sleeping in his bassinet - he was so tiny!!

this is one of my favorite pictures...I am so in love with this baby boy!!

sooo happy!! I could just look at him & smile & he would give me the biggest grin!!

always had a bib on - my little spit up boy!

wrapped up in daddy's jacket to stay warm
happy, happy, happy
happy 1st birthday - seems like just yesterday!

up to no good!

this boy has always LOVED his bath!

outside, stick in hand, boots on - he's as happy as can be!

so grown up!! When did he get this big??

WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008


We are so excited to announce that Warner is going to be a big brother!!! Another little miracle is scheduled to arrive November 23.

Lots going on!!

My very sweet & very pregnant friend, Laurin, came to visit us Thursday & Friday. We had so much fun catching up - I don't think we stopped talking from the moment she arrived until she left on Saturday morning. Laurin & I have been friends since our freshman year at State and we were roomates our Junior, Senior, & 5th year. She is one of my very best friends - I love her so much!! Warner loves her too - he had so much fun playing. Laurin is going to make a great mother to baby boy no name....hopefully he will have a name before his arrival in July.

On Friday we met up with another one of our best friends, Krista, and her precious little girl, Sophie. Again, we spent all afternoon just talking. Krista lives too far away!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEPLER!! On Saturday morning Chris, Warner, & I headed to Alabama for Kepler's 2nd brithday party. We had fun fishing, eating, & getting wet - the boys had more fun splashing each other than anything else!

Thank you Laurin for Warner's birthday present - it has been a huge hit! He LOVES bubbles!

And last, but certainly not least - Kissy arrived Sunday for a week to help me get ready for Warner's birthday party. We are so glad she's here!!

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A rare moment...

I caught Warner in a rare moment actually sitting down and being still. He found this Thomas the Train DVD and wanted to watch it. I had to finally tell him that the train went night night just so I could watch the news last night!!

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