Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Supper Club

We had another supper club last Saturday night (I'm a little late on posting). This was the only picture I got before my camera battery died! These girls are so much fun!!

l to r: Rachel Scarbrough, Lesley Johnson, me, Monica Smith, Mary Evelyn Stonestreet, & Julie Burton

Silly Boy

They have these carts at the grocery store in Dallas that have a truck on the front -HOW CREATIVE - and how GREAT for moms. Warner sat in this thing and had a BALL!!

Warner LOVES his little chair! He drags it around the house by the little handle on the back...

waiting for daddy to come home - "da da?", "da da?"

Garden Hose

All Warner needs is a garden hose and he's good to go. We need to throw out the toys and just get a few garden hoses!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Rain puddles are the BEST!!

After a good rain yesterday afternoon there were some awesome rain puddles and overflowing ditches. Warner of course walked right over to it - so I stripped him down to his diaper and let him have at it! He had so much fun!! His diaper was so full of water after his swim that it was weighing him down so much I had to take it off. These were taken right before we went inside - I LOVE that little booty!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Day at the Park

We found a cute park near my parents house. Warner had the best time!! If it wasn't SO HOT we would have stayed a lot longer...

Toys R Us

Buddy & Kissy took me to Toys R Us and I got to pick out whatever I wanted!! I got a new puzzle, a barn with lots of animals, and my very own lawn mower. I got to ride home with the lawn mower in my lap.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Water Park

We took Warner to a water park near my parents house this afternoon - Warner had the BEST time!! He was so full of himself - we had a hard time keeping up with him. Warner is so fearless - he will walk right into the water - scares me to death!

this is a video of Warner playing with one of the waterfalls - he is laughing so hard, but you can't really hear him over Kissy & Buddy laughing!!

Kissy & Buddy

Monday, July 23, 2007

Warner & Buddy

Warner LOVES my dad - "Buddy". He chases after him if he leaves the room and only wants Buddy to hold him. My dad LOVES all the attention!!


How many grandparents does it take to bathe a grandson?

Have I mentioned??

Warner is OBSESSED with balls!!! Everything round is a ball and he has one in his hand at all times - even while riding in the car.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


My sweet husband (with a little help from my sweet friends) surprised me last night for my birthday (the 22nd) with a trip to Greenwood for a class at the Viking Cooking School. It was SO MUCH FUN!! Our friends - Scott & Julie Flowers and Charles & Lesley Johnson went with us and we had a blast. The food was wonderful and we really learned a lot. We can't wait to go back!

before we left - I knew we were going to Greenwood, but that was all I knew.

the menu

me at the stove

my partners (Lesley & Julie) at the work station

Chris dusting his ramekin for the chocolate souffle

The girls (Team 1)

The boys (Team 2)

The finished product - soooo good!!

Great friends - thanks for making my birthday so special!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Warner is 14 months today!!! Does time EVER slow down?!! He is at such a fun age - into everything and keeping his mommy very busy. He is walking everywhere - no more crawling. It is so funny how he went from crawling to walking in 1 day - happens so fast just right before our eyes. He is talking so much - most of it I cannot understand, but every now and then a clear - ball, dada, mama, etc. I wish I knew everything that was coming out - because he sure does have a lot to say!! He is learning so fast - knows body parts, knows animal sounds, goes and finds something when we ask him where it is. He loves to be outside and LOVES juice!! His favorite toys are balls - he always has one in his hand or one nearby. He is so loving and will just run up to us and give a big open mouth kiss or just sink his face into ours. He also has a little temper on him - hates having his diaper changed, is turning into a very picky eater (never turns down fruit though), knows exaclty what he's NOT suppose to play with and goes right to it. He loves to go through my purse or his diaper bag and pull everything out until he finds something to play with - makes many messes. Most of all he makes us laugh and smile everyday - and ask ourselves "what did we do before he came into out life?" We love this little boy!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Road Trip

Warner and I went on a little road trip this weekend to visit Jennifer & Laurin. We picked up Jenn in Jackson and then headed to Picayune to see Lar and her beautiful new house. We had such a great time catching up - stayed up way too late and ate too much!! I love these girls!!