Saturday, May 26, 2012

summer adventures

frog gigging on the sunflower river

incredible pizza

swimming in the rice field

supper at the ballpark
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Warner's birth 'day' celebration!!

This year I got smart and instead of doing two big birthday parties back to back, we are having the boys birthday party together. Warner was good with the idea until he learned that the party wasn't until June..and then he didn't really like the idea! We couldn't let his day go by and not have a little celebration, so he got to pick a few friends to go with us to eat dinner. We had a mini celebration with cupcakes and balloons, and those boys had the best time running around, catching frogs, playing baseball, and just being boys!!

Happy Birthday big boy!! I still can't believe you are six years old!!!
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Friday, May 18, 2012

iPhone pictures

First swim of the year...someone was a little excited!

throwing sticks in the Sunflower River for Bubba

Juke Joint Festival

Frog gigging with daddy!

after school snack


MSU baseball (Super Bulldog Weekend)

digging for worms..Warner digs, Jackson supervises

lunch with Kissy & JoJo

picnic lunch on the farm with daddy


baiting crawfish traps

daddy's helper

fun at the movie for Warner's birthday!
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Warner!!

Warner turns six years old today!! I can't believe how fast the last six years have flown by. I still remember the day he was born and how my whole world changed the moment I held him for the first time. Being a mother is the greatest blessing...and being a mother to this little guy is so much fun!!

Happy Birthday, Warner!! We love you so very much!!
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more baseball, Delta Council, Laurel visit


Warner's class was invited to perform at this years Delta Council on the campus of Delta State. They sang 3 songs with their handbells and it was the cutest thing ever!! What an honor to get to perform at such a big event!

We took a quick trip to Laurel last weekend to visit with my grandmothers (nect time we have to get a picture with Mamaw!).  We had a little birthday celebration for Warner one night. 

I could watch them sleep for hours!!
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Field Day 2012

Warner had field day a couple of weeks ago on one of the hotest days we've had so far!! Those kids were so hot!!! It was still a fun day filled with games, family, and food. Warner had so much fun competing and did such a great job. 

Just a sweet picture of my two boys. Jackson will sit with Warner and watch him play his iPod. Jackson tries to sneak it away when he can...and he'll take it and hide behind the couch. He tells me all the time that he needs an iPod too!!
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Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring Pictures

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