Monday, September 17, 2012

hogs, combine, & handsome boys

Chris killed 4 hogs the other night while we was cutting rice and had to bring them by the house to show the boys. GROSS!! They were so disgusting!! Yes, he carries his gun on the combine just for this reason. Hogs are a pest and will completely tear up a field of corn, rice, etc. He was happy to get rid of these 4.

We rode with daddy the other afternoon while he was cutting rice.

My handsome boys before church yesterday. (Thank you Kissy for our shirts!)
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Hail State!!

We got up bright and early and headed to Starkville for the day to watch our Bulldogs play!! It was a great game and we had so much fun! We FINALLY have season tickets this year and our seats are great! We were a little worried because they are on row 1, but it was perfect. We have lots of leg room, a big ledge to put all our stuff, and the boys can run around down below our seats. It was a great day to be a Bulldog!


We always have fun with the Overstreet boys!

We had lots of excitement during the game when the ESPN camera man asked if he could use our boys during a commercial break. He was so kind and told us we were about to have lots of phone calls. He was right!! As soon as it aired both of our phones were blowing up with texts and phone calls - it was really neat! Warner ended up sticking his finger in his nose at the very end - typical!

My boys last Friday on Maroon Friday! We love our bulldogs!
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country boys

Everyday is a new adventure with these boys - we head out on the golf cart or four wheeler and explore.

daddy's's all cut now!

Bubba is always along for the ride!

We enjoyed the beautiful cotton across the street while it lasted. I attmepted to get some cute picture of them...they did NOT cooperated at all!!

They LOVE living on the farm...and I think I do too!
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dove Hunt 2012

These boys had SO. MUCH. FUN. (and so did their daddies)
Back row - Joe Barrett, Payton Burton, & Jackson
Front row - Blake Herring, Paxton Burton, Warner, & Tanner Fava

my new favorite picture - this boy loves his daddy!
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Jackson turned 3!!

Last Monday, August 27th, Jackson turned three years old!! He was so excited about his day. We had pancakes with candles for breaksfast, his favorite lunch - peanut butter sandwich, a trip to the toy store, and an afternoon of playing outside. We had cupcakes for dessert and he loved us singing happy birthday to him.

There is so much to say about this little boy that stole our hearts three years ago. We wanted a sibling for Warner so badly..and went through two painful miscarriages before God blessed us with this amazing little boy! He is always smiling, always ready for the next adventure, always giving hugs & kisses. He can walk in a room and make you feel like a million bucks - "hey mommy!" even when only a minute has passed since he has seen me! He wants to sleep with his brother every night and has recently started getting out of bed in the middle of the night and finding his way to mommy & daddy's bed! He loves to be outside...and is always ready to go with daddy to work on the farm or play in the woods. He is also the most stubborn little boy, tough as nails, thinks he's as big as Warner, knows what he wants, and knows how to throw the biggest of fits! Ha!

(He posed for all these pictures on his own)


Happy Birthday precious boy!! We love you Jackson "Craw" Lively!!
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