Saturday, August 29, 2009


7 lbs 11oz and 20 1/4 inches

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

uniform Wednesday round 2

Well, we've already had our first sickness after only being in school for one week. I knew it would happen, but not so soon. He started getting sick Friday afternoon and had fever all weekend. He even had to miss school on Monday.
When Chris dropped him off at school on Tuesday morning he got out of the truck, didn't even look back, and ran to his teacher and jumped in her arms. When I dropped him off one day last week as we were pulling in the car pool line he says, "there's my school!! I like school!!" I think it's safe to say that Warner is enjoying himself at school...

Update on baby Jackson - last week I had dialated 1 cm, this week no change. The baby is still looking great - heartbeat in the 150's. My blood pressure is good. My belly is measuring 40 + weeks so that would explain all the nice comments I've been getting. He is still very high which is probably why my belly measures so big. I go back Monday for an ultrasound to determine the baby's weight/size. She will induce me on my due date if nothing happens before then. I am SOOOO ready to meet this little baby!! Everything is completely done - bags are packed, room is ready, bottles are sanatized, clothes are now I am just getting more and more anxious! Please pray that the delivery & birth would all go smoothly and that Jackson would come into this world safe and healthy. I can't believe I am about to have 2 little boys!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

uniform Wednesday

On Wednesdays the preschool at Warner's school wear uniforms. (The other grades wear them everyday.) I wanted to get some pictures this morning to document Warner's first day wearing his uniform. He wasn't feeling it!! I post these pictures for 2 reasons - (1) for a memory of his first day in his uniform, and (2) to show you that Warner is NOT always sweet and happy!!

He LOVES school but did not want his picture taken this morning...

Friday, August 14, 2009

1st day!!

We survived....but not without many tears shed - not Warner's tears, but mine! I had a pretty hard time with it. I walked him in and he did great..went right to the toys and started playing. When I got to my car it just all the sudden hit me - he won't be at home with me all day anymore! I couldn't wait until 11:30 to pick him up. I was in the line 15 minutes early and I was not the first in line!! I guess I wasn't the only one missing my baby.
His sweet teacher put him in the car, and this is the smile I got!! I think he was just as happy to see me!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

K3 tea party

I can't believe this day has come - Warner started school today!! I am so excited about his little class and teachers. He is going to learn so much and have so much fun too. His little room is so cute and you can tell how much time, energy, and love his teachers have put into it. Today we went for just an hour to a little tea party. He was a little nervous going in at first and wanted to make sure mommy and daddy were right there with him, but he warmed up pretty quickly and had the best time. Tomorrow will be the real test when I drop him off at 8:00 and don't pick him up until 11:30. I just hope I will be able to handle it!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Warner goes to the dentist

On Tuesday, August 4, Warner had his first dental appointment. He was a little hesitant to let the hygienist look in his mouth, but once he got over that he did great! He had no cavities and his teeth looked great.
I have known for a long long time that the pacifier needed to go, but I think hearing the dentist say "get rid of it" finally did it for me. He said the bad news was that using the pacifier had already done a lot of damage (major open bite), but that the good news was that if we took it away now it could correct itself. I am happy to report that as of Tuesday we are no longer a pacifier user!!!!! We had to say bye bye to our "by by" as Warner referred to it. We told him the dentist said he could no longer use it because it was hurting his teeth and that we threw it (we were down to only one) in the garbage. The first night he fussed a little and Chris went in his room and talked to him for about 10 minutes. He told him that if he closed his eyes and went to sleep and didn't cry about it that he could get a prize - it was a long conversation, but that is basically what was said. He left his room, closed the door, and we never heard another word from him all night. The next day at nap time he was a total mess! He screamed and cried, "I want my by by" for a good hour. Finally after me going in and out of his room and an hour & 1/2 of fussing he fell asleep. Then last night Chris put him to bed, talked to him for awhile, left the room, closed the door, and we never heard another word. I've been calling Chris the miracle worker!!! Today at nap time Chris was home and put him to bed with no problem. I've told Chris that he has to come home everyday at lunch and put him down for his nap - at least until he gets over it.
I'm so glad that we finally just did it...once again the anticipation of it has been much worse than actually doing it. Now we are fully potty trained and paci free just in time for little brother's arrival.

Have I mentioned that my baby starts school next week??!!!!!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Jackson update

The nursery is finished!! I LOVE how it turned out!
*this is the second half of the room...for the first half scroll down to nursery part 1

The bedside table was in mine and my brother's rooms when we were babies - still has the same drawer liners in it - raggedy ann and andy! The matching chest is in Warner's room. They have both been painted many, many times!

Look at these precious picture we got today at our almost 35 week appointment!! The picture on the left is a little harder to see, but it is a profile shot and that big thing that looks like it's going to poke him in the eye...that would be his big toe!! He is in a serious ball!! Hands and feet are all over his little face - it's amazing that she was able to get the picture on the right - his precious little face!!! I can't wait to kiss those cheeks!! She switched to 4D as a surprise and we got some great views of our little Jackson. Who do you think he looks like?

I am just blown away after todays ultrasound - things could not be better with the baby! All his measurements are perfect, his estimated weight is 5 lbs 11oz, fluid levels are great, and blood flow is great. As I was lying on that table today with Chris and Warner at my side I couldn't stop thinking about how blessed I am - God is so so so good!! How can someone have a child growing inside of them and not believe that there is a God? Jackson is such a little miracle!!
Thank you Jesus for the gift of life!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Birthday & Happy Baby Boy!!

Have I mentioned how awesome my friends are?? I feel so blessed to be surrounded by great Christian friends!! You see, when your husband is a farmer, you need a lot of great friends to get through each farming year - they work a lot of hours!! You are pretty much a single mom from April to October...sometimes sooner, sometimes later. You pray for rain because that is the only time you will see them!! Thankfully we have had some pretty good rains this year, so we have seen daddy more than usual. Anyway, most of my friends can relate because their husbands are farmers too (or do some kind of farming releated job). I truly believe that God was looking out for me when I married Chris and moved to our little small town - He put these girls in my life!!
I kinda got off subject, but a little background info never hurt....
This past Thursday these girls gave me a birthday party/baby shower. They literally pampered me and showered me with gifts...even including a little live entertainment! They made me feel so very special with a sit down dinner, complete with a typed out menu and place cards. I was expecting to receive diapers because that is what we usually do for someone having their second baby - but instead they gave me the most precious gifts!! Jackson is set!!
my special seat

The other very special thing was that my mom was here all last week helping me and she got to come to the shower too!! Thank you mom for all you did to help me last week...and for putting up with me - I'm pretty hard to deal with these days!!

back row - Julie, Lesley, me, Jennie, Meg (with baby Maggie)
front row - Melissa & Mary Evelyn

Pictures of finished nursery to follow well as a baby boy update!