Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jackson - 2 years, 4 months

Jackson, you are growing up too fast! I wanted to write down some things about you, so that I never forget. You are such a joy!! I love our days spent together.

You love to help mommy - throw things in the garbage, put clothes in the washing machine, clean up toys...daddy & I laugh at you because we think you are a little OCD about some things, Everything has to be just so! At night, you want all the lights off, one blanket on my shoulder & the other you want me to "cover me up".

You line your trains, cars, animals...whatever your playing with in such order.

You love an escalator...recently daddy dropped us off at the mall and the entire 30 minutes we were in there, we went up and down the escalator. I will never forget that smile on your face and how you would run around to the other side to get back on.

Mickey Mouse is your favorite!! You got all the characters for Christmas and I find you playing pretend with them all the time. You love to put then in the back of your dump truck and name each one as you put them in.

You love to watch movies in the car and just recently started using the head make the finniest faces trying to get them on!

Your are the most loving child!! You give kisses and hugs to whoever & whenever. You have to give everyone a kiss & hug before you go to bed or before they leave the house. You love to snuggle! Your latest thing is to rub our ear while you suck your thumb. You love that thumb!!

You are a little timid around strangers for the first 5 minutes, but you warm up quickly. You are having surgery on February 7 to repair a brachial cleft on your neck (mommy is not excited about it). We had to take you to the initial visit a couple of week ago, and you were the sweetest thing! You were such a big boy...and the nurse fell in love with you.

You are a little mischievous at times. You got into ice cream one morning...and then the very next day I found you at the kitchen sink with water EVERYWHERE! You pulled your stool right over to the sink. Your response - "I wash my hands."

You love your race car! The only problem is that you think it can go through water & mud, and you are constantly getting stuck. I love how you wear your helmet while riding first!

You love your brother, and get so excited when it's time to go pick him up from school. You love to see daddy's truck pull in the drive way, and you start to yell - "daddy home!" I would say that you are a mommy's boy though, and I will admit that I'm pretty attached to you too!! I'm so glad that God gave us you!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


This is the story of my life!! I cannot keep them out of mud. Does anyone else have this problem?

I've been trying to get organized around here. My first project was to clean under Warner's beds. There was no organization to it. We would just stick anything and everything under there to get it out of the way. He has about 500 books and they were just all stacked under there in no order. It was driving me crazy!! The before pictures are on the left, after on the right.

This little boy is a little stinker, I just had Chris put child locks on the pantry doors because he would be in the snacks all. day. long. I was on the treadmill one morning and left Jackson in front of his favorite cartoon....when I came out somebody was hiding...

Do they make child locks for the freezer?!!

We have had a busy January - our good friends Mary Evelyn & Stoney welcomed their third boy, Micheal Tuttle; Warner has been busy at school & is reading; I had a girl's weekend with some of my best friends from college to say goodbye to Jan, who is moving to Australia for 2 years; I hosted a children's clothing show (BBTN); Chris is in the planning & hiring stage - getting ready to plant in March; Jackson is just as cute as ever - we love this age! I have fallen so behind on this blog and in just taking pictures. I've got to do better!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas in TX

A couple of days after Christmas, we packed up and hit the road to have Christmas with my parents. We watched lots of movies, had a few snacks, and took a nap. The drive really wasn't too bad...especially since I didn't have to drive it by myself. Chris drove the first half and I drove the rest. We arrived just in time for supper, but first we had to open gifts!

Buddy had his train set up around the tree...Warner was mesmerized.

The next day, all the boys went to Jump for Fun, and the girls went to get pampered.

Buddy & Warner off on a bike ride to the park.

One night we went out to eat with our friends, The Smith's. We tried out a Mexican place in Grapevine. After we ate we walked down the street to see some lights that were set up to music. Jackson loved dancing!!

Warner & Jetta

dancing with Kissy

On our last day, we tried to take a tour of Dallas Cowboys stadium, but the wait was too we headed to dowtown Fort Worth.

Then it was time to watch our Bulldogs beat Wake Forest!! Go State!!

We had such a great visit!!

(Lots of new posts below.)

Christmas Day!!

We had to finally wake the boys up at 8:00 am Christmas morning so that they would have time to enjoy their gifts before church.

Santa hid the four wheeler, and Warner's reaction when he found it was priceless!

Jackson loves it too...and he will be driving it too before we know it!

Waders - now he can go duck hunting with daddy

Pops, JoJo, and Mawmaw joined us for lunch after church.

Then our whole day was spent doing this...

So glad we had one pretty day to ride because it rained the whole next day.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve = two very excited little boys!!!

We went to a Christmas Eve service.
Pops & JoJo came over for supper.

We put out our cookies & milk for Santa.

The boys got to open one gift. Thank you Mamaw & B!!

And we put out our reindeer food!

It didn't take long for them to fall asleep...Christmas is so much fun through a child's eyes!

Christmas Eve Eve

On the Friday before Christmas, we went over to the Johnson's house for cookie baking, cupcake decorating, and a birthday party for Jesus. The kids had so much fun doing this!! They exchanged presents after they blew out candles, and the boys got the cutest superhero capes and masks. Such a fun night with great friends!


These make me laugh!! He just did not like Santa this year.

Breakfast with Santa at the Country Club

Lively Christmas 2011

We celebrated Christmas with Chris' family on the Saturday before Christmas. It is always so much fun and WILD!! The boys love playing with their cousins and there is never a dull moment. Thank you JoJo & Pops for such a wonderful Christmas celebration!

Warner got a remote control monster truck & an iPod touch!

Jackson got a big bag of goodies and a Francesco (from cars 2) riding toy!

The next day we had fun in the pecan orchard!

Two days of fun with no nap....he was worn out!!