Tuesday, September 27, 2011

our Saturday afternoon

field trip

Warner's class took a field trip last Friday to a horse barn. They got to ride horses, go on a donkey ride, and see a wild turkey. Jackson even got to participate, and he thought he was part of the class.

Warner's big class!!

Warner's in the back with the cowboy hat...I love this picture of his fun teacher!

talking to the turkey

Warner was a bit scared riding the horse, but Jackson would have stayed up there all day. He's still telling people, "i ride horse."

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Warner started soccer a couple of weeks ago and is loving it!! Every day he is asking me "is today soccer day?" They play 3 on 3 and they don't keep score...of course Warner and his teamates do! That's all Warner is worried about - winning! We have games every Sunday afternoon until the end of October.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

dove hunting & harvest 2011

Opening day of dove season. I don't even know what to think about this picture! He is growing to love the outdoors just like his daddy.

Uncle Kimble, Tanner, & Warner - they had a big group for the opening day of dove season this year. I think the little boys had the most fun of all. My dad took these pictures for me during the hunt.

Later that afternoon we went out to visit daddy. My mom, Warner, & Jackson got to go for a ride.

This is where daddy will be for the next couple of months. If we can make it through then we can have him all to ourselves for a little while...well, we will have to compete with hunting :(

last swim of the summer (sept 2011)

We stretched out our summer as far as we could...but I think last weekend was our last swim :( My dad came back in town last weekend to pick up my mom and they spent a few more days with us before they headed back to Texas. I know I've mentioned this before, but my dad is the best playmate. He spends hours playing with my boys - on the floor, outside, swimming, or whatever it may be. So thankful for my dad (better known as, Buddy)!!

Go Dawgs!!

Kissy stayed for the week after Jackson's party, so we took advantage of having her to babysit. Chris and I took Warner to Memphis for the first Miss State game. We missed Jackson, but it is always fun to spend time one-on-one with just one child. It was a great game and most importantly we WON!!

Jackson turns 2!!

On Saturday morning, August 27, Jackson woke up a two year old!! He had a house full of guest ready to celebrate his day - Mommy, Daddy, Warner, Kissy, Buddy, cousin Laurel, aunt B, and Mamaw. The day was all about him!!

His party was on his actual birthday...he was so excited about eating his cake, singing 'happy birthday' and blowing out his candles!

invitation by 29:11 Creations
He opened one present from aunt Gibson & uncle Pat

and blew out his candles on his cinnamon roll.

His party wasn't until 3:00 and we had a lot to do before it began. Of course Chris was working (harvest time), so I was so thankful for have a house full of helpers. I could never have done everything with out the help of my mom, dad, and aunt B - THANK YOU!!

We had a Mississippi State football party and the guests were asked to come dressed out for their favorite team.

His adorable cake by Katie Crenshaw!

blowing out his candles (with a lot of help from big brother)

looks like the bulldog is on top :)

some of the party guest

opening presents with his cousins

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate our favorite two year old!! He had a blast!!

On Monday, Gibson & Freddy came to get Laurel, and we got to love on this little guy. He is getting so big - we love you Freddy!!

4 precious cousins!!

Happy Birthday Jackson!! It's hard to believe you are two years old...but it kinda feels like you've been with us forever. You fit so perfectly into this family, and we couldn't imagine life without you! Thankful to God for your little life, and that I get to be your mommy here on earth!!