Saturday, April 30, 2011


Warner had his first game this morning. He did a great job and we were so proud of him!! He had a great hit off his very first pitch (it's called t ball, but more like coach pitch without keeping score), ran the bases, and crossed over home plate with the biggest smile on his face...daddy was there to greet him with a big high five!

bat boy Jackson - it is hard work keeping him off the field

I could still just eat him up!! He is so excited about turning five (May 17th)! I am not so excited about it...I keep trying to talk him in to just staying 4, but he says NO WAY! We had a 30 minute conversation this morning about his big birthday coming up. He was convinced that since tomorrow is May then tomorrow is his birthday...Chris and I both had to explain that his birthday is on the 17th, not before!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

lots and lots of rain...

creates lots and lots of fun for two little boys!!

fun on the farm with daddy

and fun in our swimming pool we had in the front yard

yes, he is fearless! he would roll over on his back and just lay there for a little while before he flipped back over.
this is the view from standing at my back door...this is the highest I ever seen the Sunflower River in the five years that we've lived in this house!
Go away rain! Come back sunshine!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Sunday 2011 - He is RISEN!!

Coming out to see if the Easter bunny had visited.

Ready for church!!

After church it was back to JoJo & Pops house for more eating and playing. These 3 have so much fun together - Dax, Warner, & Kepler.
And the day wouldn't be complete without another dip in the mud!!

Happy Easter!! Thankful for my Savior, his death on the cross, and knowing He arose and is ALIVE!!

Easter fun!

Saturday afternoon we headed out to Chris' parents house for an egg hunt and cookout. Warner & Jackson had a great time hunting eggs and playing with their cousins, but I think the most fun was getting in the mud!! They were a mess...and LOVED every minute of it!

dyeing eggs

We were so thankful to have my parents visit us over Easter weekend...that is always a treat! We did a little bit of everything, including dye our Easter eggs. Jackson's first time to get in on the fun, and he was most interested in getting the eggs (balls) and throwing them!

later that night, it got very quiet in the living room and we walked in to find this...
Jackson emptied the entire Kleenex box!!