Friday, January 31, 2014

soccer 2013

Soccer was a big hit this year. Jackson was just excited to be playing - a little timid on the field but always smiling!!

Warner really found his thing this year. He was the goaly and he did a great job! I think he got a little bored sometimes sitting in the goal and wanted to be out there running around, but he was very good at goaly!! We were so proud of him!

Jackson turns four!!

August 27th, 2013 - Jackson turned four years old! School had started back but it was still so so we had a swimming party! He was so excited for his party. We invited his friends in his class and had some snacks & cake. He loved every minute!

1st day of school

Before we knew it summer was over and it was time to head back to school. Jackson started Preschool and Warner started 2nd grade. Jackson's teachers are Leslie Bennett & Sissy Alderson, and Warner's teachers are Kristin Dees and Leah Dulaney.

Family beach trip

At the end of July we took a last minute trip to the beach with our little family of four. We had the most perfect condo on the 9th floor at the Eden and it was just the right size for us. We ate lots of seafood, spent a lot of time at the pool, a little time on the beach (the walk was a little too much for my pregnant self), and the boys had a great time on an in-shore fishing trip one morning. It was such a nice trip - one that I will always remember as our last trip as a family of four!

the rest of June and July 4th weekend

Right before we left for the beach, we finally told everybody our BIG NEWS!!! Baby #3 on the way!!
We prayed and hoped and trusted God that he would provide and He did. He gave us our miracle!! I was at a point where I just thought we were done having kids. I didn't even want to think or talk about it anymore. God gave us a little surprise in February - I was so so exhausted and just a little bit nauseous. My mind wanted to think it could be a baby, but my heart wanted to say there is no way!! We were thrilled and just tried to be optimistic that this baby would get to join our family in 9 months. God is so good!!

We went for our 18 week appointment and had our anatomy ultrasound. The baby was perfect! We decided to let the ultrasound tech write the gender on one of the pictures and put it in an envelope. Later that evening we had Warner open the envelope to reveal this...

I could not believe it was a girl!!! I had in my mind that it would be another boy, so I was shocked! Shocked and so so happy to have a daughter.
Right around that time baseball season ended and Warner was chosen to play all-stars!! 

Warner, Zane, & Baker ready for our second game in our first tournament. It was so hot that day!!

Right around that same time (first of July) we started building our house!!! They poured the slab for the foundation and were using water hoses to keep it cool so it wouldn't crack. We drove by after church and the next thing I see the boys have stripped down to their underwear and are running through the sprinklers!! 

July 4th weekend - headed to the lake in Alabama to play with cousins!

Warner, Dax, Kepler, & Jackson (before the McCrory cousins arrived). They all had a blast despite the horrible rainy weather!

We had to leave the lake early for another baseball tournament. About this time we are starting to think - "why were we excited that Warner made all-stars??!!"

Warner's biggest fan and such a trooper!!

Buddy & Kissy met us at one of the tournaments and got to see Warner play!

One tired little boy after an almost 3 hour game!

More progress on our house!

I met some of my college roommates in Starkville for a weekend to catch up! We had the best time eating, shopping, and just relaxing!! I love these girls!!

Started shopping for baby girl - first of many bonnets!!

It's starting to look like a house!!